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What Your Love Life Will Look Like In 2019 Based On Your Horoscope Sign

Your horoscope love life forecast 2019 has now been revealed for the new year.
What Your Love Life Will Look Like In 2019 Based On Your Horoscope Sign

2018 is now a thing of the past, and we're happy to say "thank u, next" to the past year and look forward to what's in store this new year. Every new year brings the exciting possibility for new opportunities, challenges, and, of course, new love. 

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We're happy to share that 2019 is looking brighter than 2018 and it's all confirmed in the stars. The astrology forecast for this year is already looking positive, especially for your love life. With Jupiter moving through the optimistic Sagittarius until December 2, "the year ahead will be marked with grandiose idealism - an unshakeable faith that no matter what happens, there will be a happy ending," according to Tarot. Doesn't that sound like it's looking to be a good year already? 

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Whether you believe in astrology or not, your horoscope still makes for an interesting read, provides useful advice, and can also help instill a sense of hope for your future. So why not check out and see what beautiful things could be written in the stars for you this year? Get excited to make 2019 your year for love. 

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Your love life will be much easier in 2019 than last year. Aries is the zodiac’s first sign and loves anything new. This year, you'll get the opportunity to fulfill the yearning you've had for a new change in your life – whether it's shaking things up with your significant other or falling for someone completely new and unexpected. This year will also improve your ability to balance your relationships and work life. For 2019, learn how to focus your incredibly strong energy on things that you can actually control, instead of burning out by fixating on that which you can't change.


This year could be the one that you experience a deep, passionate connection unlike you've ever had before! Since Uranus spends most of 2019 in Taurus, this will bring some new, unexpected changes to your love life. Push yourself out of your comfort zone to fully experience the love you experience this year, instead of shying away from what may seem like chaos. Although it may feel at times treacherous to handle all the changes, Taurus is one of the most resilient signs and you are well equipped to adapt. So embrace change and at the end of the year, you will see how it has all been for your benefit and shaped you for the better.


2019 will prove to be a powerful year of love for gentle and affectionate Gemini. Your romantic life will take a major turn for the positive, with Jupiter – the planet of luck, blessings, and abundance – staying in your chart until December 2nd. If you're single, 2019 is the year you may meet your potential life partner. If you are already dating, then there will be big steps taken in the relationship this year, meaning you may move in with your partner or even get engaged. This is the year you'll experience a deeper, more intense type of love, as you simultaneously learn how to be more vulnerable to love.


2019 will be a powerful year of learning to love yourself. This year is about learning to focus more on your needs, despite how easy it can be for you to always put others before yourself, especially with your loyal and sympathetic personality. Self-care is crucial and we could all use more of it in our lives. For Cancers in 2019, learning self-love will make you much healthier and happier. Learning to love yourself this year will also help break you out of a rut and bring you to see new opportunities for romance.


2019 will mark a year of endless romantic opportunities for Leo. Your sex and dating life will be super creative and passionate, just like how you are, with Jupiter in your fifth house of love and pleasure. This year will also bring more fantasy into your love life – whether it's through meeting a dream partner or introducing more fantasy into your existing relationship to reignite the spark. Leo loves being loved, but in 2019 remember to take more time for yourself too because you need your own space more than you may realize sometimes.


Virgo is known for being more practical than spontaneous, but 2019 is the year that those traits will be shaken up. This year, you'll be willing to take more risks in your love life and the universe will reward you. Be more flirty and fun in your relationships in 2019 instead of succumbing to your usual mindset of prioritizing work over play. This year can lead to big growth in your relationship or bring you to someone new if you allow more space for spontaneity and lightheartedness into your structured schedule.


Libra, let 2019 be the year you break out of the habit of people-pleasing. This year will bring opportunities for self-reflection over your existing relationships, and if certain people aren't bringing positivity into your life, it's time to let them go. In 2019, you need to be more honest with yourself and show others your true self instead of always saying what you think people want to hear. By doing so, you will thicken your own skin and find the inner strength you already possessed.


2019 will be an exciting year of new beginnings and endings for Scorpio. Uranus will be 2019 in your seventh house of partnerships, meaning you may become interested in people that are not your usual type – so why not take this time to explore what other personalities you may actually be attracted to? If you're already in a relationship, some major changes may be headed your way but for the better. The changes will help you work on some of your big problems in relationships, such as your tendency to be jealous and possessive, as well as your intimacy issues.


Optimistic Sagittarius will be happy to hear that 2019 will bring some big adventures in your life and love life. Your ruling planet Jupiter is in Sagittarius and this will bring some wonderful things into your life. If you're already dating, you and your significant other will be able to grow together and embark on new adventures. If you're single, this will be the year you meet tons of new people and potentially find deep love. One of Sagittarius's best traits is that they are fiercely independent and a free spirit. This year, learn how to give up some independence and let others take care of you every once in a while.


This year will bring more hope and humour into your love life. Capricorn is known for being strict and disciplined but 2019 is the year to let loose because with Jupiter in Sagittarius, you will feel a new sense of hope that everything will work out for the best. Stop playing it safe in your love life this year and allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and experience a side to romance you haven't before. In 2019, also let your sensitive side come out more and enjoy living in the moment instead of pressuring relationships to be more serious.


2019 will be the year you start writing a beautiful new love story. Your relationship network will be expanded greatly this year and many new people will enter into your life. If you're single, you will have tons of opportunities to meet intriguing people who could potentially blossom into romance. If you're already dating, you and your partner will take on new adventures together and expand your social sphere.


Pisces is a compassionate and intuitive soul that can stand in the way of their own love life. You may feel uncomfortable breaking out of your shyness and showing your soft side, but this is what will attract people to you in 2019. Don't let the fear of rejection cripple you, because you are an absolute catch and other people see it too. By embracing your true self this year, you'll be able to learn more about what type of people you want to surround yourself with and this understanding will bring you closer to love.

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