If you aren't from the prairies, you might think all it has to offer are endless flat fields. But you couldn't be more wrong. It is bursting with natural wonders, museums and attractions. So, what's there to do in Saskatchewan? We rounded up our favourite places to go in the province that you won't want to miss.

Instead of flying across the globe to float in the famous Dead Sea, you can enjoy a similar experience here in Canada. Did you know we have our very own Canadian Dead Sea where you can easily float in the water?

But that isn't the only attraction that will make you feel like you are in another country. 

Instead of the Sahara Desert, you can head to the Athabasca Sand Dunes. Or you could stroll through the twisted tree forest similar to the one in Ireland.

Perhaps most surprising of all, you can even take a photo next to the Eiffel Tower. While you are at it, another jaw-dropping attraction is the World's Largest Moose in Moose Jaw.

It is time to start planning a road trip with your friends to Saskatchewan. Even if you are already a local, you'll still want to see these nine surreal places for yourself: 

Mac the Moose 

Price: Free

Address: 450 Diefenbaker Dr., Moose Jaw, SK

Why You Need To Go: The roadside attraction is once again the largest moose in the world after getting bigger antlers.

Great Sand Hills

Price: $5.00

Address: SK-32, Sceptre, SK

Why You Need To Go: When looking at photos of this colossal dune you might expect it is the Sahara Desert. But it 1,900 square kilometre desert can actually be found right here in Canada.

Remai Modern

Price: $12.00

Address: 102 Spadina Cres. E, Saskatoon, SK

Why You Need To Go: There is so much to see within the stunning art museum in Saskatoon. One must-see artwork is Lucky Charms by Pae White, which is a neon installation over one of the staircases.

Crooked Bush

Price: Free

Address: Alticane, SK

Why You Need To Go: Similar to the famous Dark Hedges in Ireland, you can follow a trail where none of the trees are straight. Inside the eerie forest, you'll notice all the branches are all twisted.

Castle Butte

Price: Free

Address: Big Beaver, SK

Why You Need To Go: You'll want to see this spot in the badlands of the Big Muddy Valley up close.

Little Manitou Lake

Price: Free

Address: Little Manitou Lake, SK

Why You Need To Go: You'll want to try swimming in Canada's Dead Sea. Just like the famous Dead Sea, in this body of water, it is super easy to float.

Athabasca Sand Dunes

Price: $10.00 for a park day pass

Address: Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park, Laronge, SK

Why You Need To Go: The remote desert is the largest sand dune in Canada. It highly recommended that you book a guided tour to visit this wilderness area.

Eiffel Tower Park

Price: Free

Address: Eiffel Tower Park, Montmartre, SK

Why You Need To Go: You can find a small 30-foot replica of the famous Eiffel Tower in this charming Montmartre.

Black Fox Farm & Distillery

Price: From $2.00 a flower

Address: 245 Valley Rd., Saskatoon, SK

Why You Need To Go: While it might not be what you expect, at this incredible distillery, they have a dreamy field of flowers. In the summer you can even visit to pick your own bouquet.