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Talking About Christmas On November 1 Is Being Slammed As Disrespectful To Veterans

For some people, no Christmas before Remembrance Day is an unwritten rule meant to be followed.

As soon as Halloween is over and November starts, the holiday season is top of mind for a lot of people. But talking about Christmas on November 1 doesn't sit well with some Canadians because of Remembrance Day. When to decorate for Christmas has become controversial in Canada.

For people who celebrate Christmas, excitement for the holiday can start very early. While talking about it and decorating your house can be fun to do, some people aren't on board with talking about Christmas as soon as the calendar flips to November.

People online are asking others to stop all talk of Christmas and to hold off on decorating for the holiday until November 12, after Remembrance Day has come and gone. 

However, there's division when it comes to if people think decorating or talking about Christmas before Remembrance Day is disrespectful to veterans or not.

"Maybe put up red and white light [sic] so we can think of Canada and our veterans before the Christmas season. Once its [sic] Christmas, then we think Christmas with red and white," said Jim Magnan, vice president of a legion branch in Alberta, to CTV News. "I'm honestly not offended by it. There's Christmas stuff out that's great. I make sure I buy my poppy and that's about it."

Even though many are against decorating before Remembrance Day, there is no real rule or law that definitively says when it's acceptable for people to start talking about Christmas. 

On November 1, people took to Twitter to remind others about the importance of Remembrance Day and it getting its own time without the shadow of Christmas looming over it. 

One person tweeted "everyone switches straight to Christmas brain after Halloween. Remembrance Day comes first." 

In response to Christmas trending in Canada, another person tweeted "we're honouring those who gave their lives for us to be here right now, the least you can do is wait 12 days. It's not even 2 weeks. Show some respect."

But not everyone is on board with the complete separation of the two days. Some people disagree that decorating, talking about and celebrating Christmas at the beginning of November is a slight against veterans. 

Christmas seems to creep in earlier and earlier every year. You might have even seen Christmas decorations displayed beside Halloween decorations in stores this October. But there is still no consensus on when is the proper time to start celebrating.

Even though there's no official rule or law in Canada about when you can start celebrating Christmas, talking on social media about Christmas before Remembrance Day will likely bring a few disgruntled people to your mentions. 

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