The 11 Most Popular (But Surprising) Destinations Canadians Are Visiting Before The Fall

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The 11 Most Popular (But Surprising) Destinations Canadians Are Visiting Before The Fall

Many Canadians are making the most of their vacation days this summer. Why wouldn't we want to get out in the sun after the kind of brutal winters we have been experiencing? Canadians are choosing to travel within Canada more, and it's surprising where Canadians travel in Canada because it's not where you might expect!

Domestic travel in Canada can sometimes feel like it's not a great investment. After all, sometimes we can fly down to Mexico for an all-inclusive getaway for cheaper than the cost of a plane ticket to another Canadian province! However, Canada is an amazing place to explore, especially for people who love the outdoors.

Travel company Expedia looked at the fastest-growing destinations in Canada and found that they have one thing in common that's drawing the attention of Canadians — easy access to adventure and the outdoors.

This summer, Canadians are choosing these outdoorsy domestic destinations rather than flying abroad. Here are 12 Canadian cities that are blowing up for locals right now, according to Expedia's latest data:

Canmore, Alberta

Why you need to go: When you explore the Rocky Mountains and hike the Grassi Lakes trail, you'll see why people are loving Canmore right now!

Osoyoos, British Columbia

Why you need to go: Hot desert landscape, clear warm lakes, fresh ripe fruit straight from the orchard and wineries as far as the eye can see—it's a no-brainer as to why Osoyoos is a hot destination for Canadians.

St. John's, Newfoundland

Why you need to go: See colourful row houses, the rugged Atlantic coast and so much more at this beautiful destination that's becoming more and more popular.

Whistler, British Columbia

Why you need to go: The mountains of Whistler still beckon travellers in the summer months! This is a great destination if you love adventure, mountains, hiking and, of course, nordic spas!

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Why you need to go: If you've never seen the red sand beaches of PEI, then you need to book your flights ASAP. Charlottetown is a charming destination and Canadian beach bums will love PEI.

Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Why you need to go: This ski destination is worth checking out in the summer for the gondola, beaches and spas. Plus, it looks super cute, even without a blanket of snow!

Ucluelet, British Columbia

Why you need to go: A little more low-key than Tofino, Canadians are flocking to this amazing destination on Vancouver Island with a front-row seat to the Pacific Ocean.

Squamish, British Columbia

Why you need to go: Cheaper than Whistler but with many of the same perks, Squamish is a wallet-friendly place for Canadians looking to have an adventure this summer.

Parksville, British Columbia

Why you need to go: This hidden gem on Vancouver Island is full of amazing campgrounds, stunning beaches and great hiking trails through the West Coast forest.

Saguenay, Quebec

Why you need to go: Anyone who loves the outdoors has to come to Saguenay to try their Via Ferrata and incredible bike trails. If you're not a biker, there's also awesome hiking trails!

Huntsville, Ontario

Why you need to go: This gem in Muskoka is the perfect place to chill lakeside in the summer. We're not surprised that Canadians want to hang out here at all!

Fernie, British Columbia

Why you need to go: Fernie is an adorable town set amidst against dramatic mountains. This place feels more wild, authentic and rough around the edges than Whistler, but with all the same opportunities to get out in the mountains.