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Record Producer Trolls Drake In Hilarious Missing Persons Ad After Not Being Seen Since The NBA Finals

Drake seems to just be sipping red wine and flaunting his wealth on Instagram lately and the world is starting to notice. Drake has never really been a very private celebrity, especially when it comes to public appearances, but for the last couple of weeks, the Canadian rapper has been MIA. Where is Drake? He hasn't been seen since the NBA finals victory parade in Toronto.  

People started to wonder about his whereabouts when he stayed quiet about the NBA trade that shook Toronto to its core. He hasn't even commented on Kawhi. And while Drake is known to hang out with the NBA players even in their offseason, he hasn't been spotted anywhere. Not even at Danny Green's recent birthday party. 

He was pictured sipping on wine with Rick Ross in honor of them finishing filming their music video for their Raptors Victory song, "Money in the Grave". He's also been showing off the huge basketball court in his new mansion. He's even participated in the #FaceAppChallenge, but paparazzi and fans have spotted him nowhere. 

Record producer Mustard finds this whole ordeal hilarious and has been making memes about his whereabouts. In true 1950s fashion, Mustard edited a milk carton to look like a Drake missing person report. The nationality section of the fake ad is hilariously filled out as "Canada." 

People are speculating that maybe Drake is taking some time away from the spotlight after he faced criticism for weeks during the NBA finals. Or maybe his lack of public appearances is unintentional. Either way, Mustard wins for best Canadian meme of the year. 

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