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5 Places To Spot Celebrities In Vancouver

Where you can run into famous people in the city.
5 Places To Spot Celebrities In Vancouver

Over the past few years, the film and television industry in Vancouver, Canada has really blown up. This has led to tons of major blockbusters filming in our beautiful city. Of course, when actors and musicians have some time off from performing they want to check out their surroundings too, which is great for fans who are hoping to catch a glimpse of them! Next time you find yourself in the big city, you may be wondering - where are the best places to spot celebrities in Vancouver?

There's no shortage of awesome cafes and restaurants where your favs can be seen hanging out. If you're REALLY lucky, you may just catch a glimpse.

Cole Sprouse // Finch's Tea House

Where: 353 W Pender St, Vancouver

Located in Vancouver's popular Gastown area, you'll find the cute and cozy cafe, Finch's Tea House. Not only is it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, but if you're extra lucky you may just catch a glimpse of actors like Casey Cott and Cole Sprouse grabbing a bite to eat in between filming.

Blake Lively // Bel Cafe

Where: 801 W Georgia St, Vancouver

Seeing as her husband is from the city, Blake Lively is no stranger to Vancouver. She definitely has her favourite spots in the city, one of them being Bel Cafe. The coffee shop is actually attached to the Rosewood Hotel Georgia (a posh and popular stay), so it's not shocking that celebs frequent the spot! Other famous visitors include Adam Sandler and Rob Schmitt.

Shay Mitchell // Honey Doughnuts

Where: 4373 Gallant Ave, North Vancouver

As much as some people would like to think they're above indulging in a delicious doughnut, most of us aren't - celebrities included. This spot is located in Deep Cove in North Vancouver and regularly brings in Pretty Little Liars actress Shay Mitchell, as well as Kate Winslet, who's even been spotted repping Honey Doughnuts merchandise.

Liam Neeson // Big Star Sandwich Co.

Where: 664 Columbia St, New Westminister

Rumour has it that if you leave a sign outside saying "Liam Neeson eats here for free" outside your door, Liam Neeson will appear before your very eyes and enjoy a meal. Okay, maybe that doesn't work for the average Joe, but it worked pretty well for Big Star Sandwich Co!

Ryan Reynolds // Sophie's Cosmic Cafe

Where: 2095 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

As a Vancouver native himself, Ryan Reynolds obviously knows about all the best spots in the city. Reynolds and Blake Lively spend a lot of time in Kitsilano while in the big city and have been known to pop into Sophie's Cosmic Cafe on occasion to enjoy a meal amongst the hectic and fun decor.

Riverdale Cast // Cafe Medina

Where: 780 Richards St, Vancouver

Any Vancouver resident knows that the cast of Riverdale is no stranger to the city by now - celebrities have to eat too! Cafe Medina has been known to attract the young stars with their enticing waffles, but other celebs like Owen Wilson and Constance Zimmer have also made appearances at the popular breakfast cafe.