6 Places In Canada That Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Could Make Their New Home

The royal couple have close connections to several Canadian cities!
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Where Will Harry & Meghan Live: 6 Canadian Contenders The Royals Could Move To

One week after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the shocking announcement that they’d be stepping down from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family, it has been officially confirmed that they'll be heading to Canada to begin their new life. Amidst all of the excitement and speculation, the biggest question on everybody’s minds is this: where will Harry & Meghan live once they move to Canada?

The news first came in an unexpected Instagram post last week, as the prince and his wife announced their desire to stand back from their royal roles, explaining that they’d like to become financially independent and start splitting their time evenly between the U.K. and North America.

It was confirmed on Monday, by Queen Elizabeth herself, that her grandson and his wife would be relieved from their senior duties within the family, and would soon be heading overseas for a fresh start.

While their exact plans are yet to be revealed, the couple has made no secret of their love for this country, and there are several areas that they're possibly considering for their big Canadian move. 

Based on their past homes, vacations and interviews, here are six places in Canada that could be contenders for Harry and Meghan's brand-new home.


Canada’s biggest city would be an obvious choice for the young family, primarily because Meghan has lived there before.

The Duchess of Sussex resided in Toronto for a number of years while filming the TV series Suits, and she’s made it clear that the city is "like a second home” to her.

In a 2016 interview, the now Duchess described the people of Toronto as “so welcoming,” and said she loves "exploring little nooks around the city with my two dogs.”

With a strong knowledge of the city already, and a warm welcome extended in-advance from Toronto's Mayor, this city could be a clear contender for the Duke and Duchess' new home in Canada.


For the prince, Whistler in B.C. might be an attractive choice for this new adventure with his wife.

As a child, Harry enjoyed skiing and hiking in Whistler and has returned many times to visit.

According to Bruce Hallsor, past chair of the monarchist league of Canada, the Prince has “always liked British Columbia.”

As the pair are known to enjoy “the beauty of the landscapes” in Canada, and Whistler definitely has the nostalgia factor for Harry, it could be the perfect new home for the nature-loving couple.

Vancouver Island

In the weeks prior to their announcement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent Christmas and New Year on Vancouver Island, with Meghan returning as recently as last week.

After spending their first Christmas with their son on the island, it must be a special place for the two royals, who gushed about “the warm Canadian hospitality and support” they received during their vacation.

Having spent so much time in the area recently, it might be in their minds as a possible permanent home!

Niagara Falls

If the Duke is a man of nostalgia, Niagara Falls has the potential to be a new home for the famous pair.

Back in 1991, Prince Harry and Prince William were treated to a special Niagara Falls adventure with their mom, Princess Diana.

Photos from the trip show the young boys enjoying the family day out, and it's no doubt a special Canadian memory for the Prince.

As Harry and Meghan are also known to enjoy nature and hiking, Niagara Falls’ natural beauty could also make it an obvious place for them to get a fresh start.


For such a high-profile duo, Ottawa would be a pretty sensible choice for their new life in Canada.

A home in the country’s capital would probably afford them decent security and would provide comfortable links between the rest of the country.

As Royal Family members often live in capital cities, it wouldn't be surprising if Harry and Meghan chose Ottawa as their new base.

That said, if they are looking for “space to focus on the next chapter,” they may want to avoid big cities all together!


While it has never been officially confirmed by the Duke & Duchess, they are rumoured to have honeymooned in Canada.

According to reports, the pair vacationed at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Alberta.

If the pair did take a romantic break to Alberta, there’s surely a million precious memories there, making it a potentially desirable location for their new life in Canada.

Wherever the lovely couple decides to spend their time while in Canada, they will surely be welcomed with some truly Canadian hospitality!