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BC Has A Real Chance At Becoming Prince Harry And Megan Markle’s New Home

British Columbia might be getting even more British.

It’s official. Canada is about to get a lot more royal. The Queen of England has confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markel are moving to Canada. Now everyone is asking the question: where will Harry & Meghan live in Canada? There has already been some speculation that the couple will move to B.C. 

The official Twitter account of the royal family stated that Meghan Markel and Prince Harry would be moving to Canada part-time. 

While the Queen admitted that she wished the duo would have stayed with the royal reins and become full-time members of the family, she respects their wishes and wants them to live a more independent life as a family.

Now, the couple that everyone knows and loves is moving to Canada. 

While this news is so obviously amazing, it's leaving a whole lot up to the imagination. People can’t help but speculate about where the royal couple will end up and there have been whispers about the couple landing in B.C.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the internet is buzzing with assumptions. Regardless of where they end up, we need to give them the most Canadian welcome ever.

Though, we certainly hope they join us in B.C. and there are plenty of signs pointing in that direction.

During Christmas, the two spent their holidays on Vancouver Island. The trip sounded magical and by the looks of it, they had an insanely good time. 

Their super outdoorsy Christmas was spent exploring and exercising outside.

According to a release by Buckingham Palace, the two chose Canada as their holiday destination because of the importance of our nation to The Commonwealth.

Since they loved their trip so much, the Vancouver Island community of North Saanich is now buzzing because the enjoyment of their trip could lead to a more permanent arrangement. 

Markle returned to Canada from the United Kingdom just a few days ago to be reunited with her eight-month-old son, Archie.

The National Post explained that she left for Canada right after announcing that she and Harry would be stepping back from their royal duties. 

According to the Vancouver Sun, she went back to the Saanich Peninsula which is just north of Victoria. 

The town has fewer than 20,000 residents which could be a nice pace of life for the young family. 

The Vancouver Sun spoke with a resident of the area who said that despite everyone’s excitement, locals were determined to give the couple their privacy during their visit. 

If that’s not the most Canadian reaction then we don’t know what is.