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Which Floatie Should You Buy This Summer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The stars are aligning for the perfect summer.
Which Floatie Should You Buy This Summer Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Want to spend more time on the water this summer? Floaties are perfect for floating down lazy rivers and cruising along lake shores. Giant, novelty floaties in bright colours and hilarious shapes see no sign of going out of style, so you might as well jump on the inflatable bandwagon. 

With so many crazy and zany floatie options out there, which one should you go with? We've created a list of floaties you should buy based on your zodiac sign so you can infuse a little bit of your personality into your gear this summer!

Go ahead, treat yourself to a zodiac-inspired floatie and send this list to your squad. The next time you're planning a lazy river float, pool party or a trip to a hidden lake—the stars will be totally aligned for you to have a good time!

Scroll down to see which floatie you should totally get this summer based on your zodiac sign.

Aries ♈: Peacock Floatie

Large and in charge, Aries are born leaders. They love having a big, colourful life and hate being bored. They should be strutting their stuff around on the lake in a magnificent peacock floatie!

Taurus ♉: Unicorn Floatie 

Taurus is the bull of the zodiac—but as a grounded and feminine earth sign—their floatie should be a unicorn. It has a horn, similar to a bull, but it reflects the gentle nature of Taurus.

Gemini ♊: Double Floatie

The sign of the twins should definitely be represented by this awesome double floatie! Imagine chilling in a pool with your bestie. The lively and energetic nature of this sign means that they'll always have a good group of friends around and someone who will share their Gemini floatie with them.

Cancer ♋: Eggplant Emoji Floatie 

Cancers are represented by a crab so they're used to chilling on the water! This highly emotional sign can find it hard to open up. They should get an eggplant emoji floatie this so they can pull in the laughs all summer long and put the focus on this ridiculous floatie instead of themselves.

Leo ♌: Diamond Ring Floatie 

Leos love the finer things in life and they're one of the most glamorous star signs. They always want the best of the best. This diamond ring emoji will flaunt your Leo lifestyle all summer long!

Virgo ♍: Avocado Floatie 

Virgo is represented by the virgin which is basically a feminine earth goddess archetype. This voluptuous avocado floatie with a pop-out beach ball pit is the perfect representation of the green goddess sign!

Libra ♎: Donut Floatie 

Libra strives for the perfect balance in life. They'll do spin classes AND trips to the doughnut shop. This floatie shows off how they live and breathe the mantra of everything in moderation and know how to enjoy life.

Scorpio ♏: Dragon Floatie 

What better representation of firey Scorpios than an actual fire-breathing dragon! Scorpios can show everyone at the pool party what's up with this floatie and it has a commanding presence just like the star sign.

Sagittarius ♐: Potato Chip Bag Floatie 

Everyone should have a Sagittarius as a best friend because they're the most generous star sign. They'll totally share their chips with you and that's why this comfy and chill potato chip bag floatie is perfect for them!

Capricorn ♑: Pineapple Floatie 

Capricorns are notorious for always following the rules and so they demand a floatie that screams 'summer is here!' This giant pineapple ring is a perfect one for their sign because it's fun and colourful and it will help coax them out of their shell.

Aquarius ♒: Rosé Floatie 

Since fun-loving Aquarius is the sign of the water-bearer and rosé is the water of summer, this is an easy one. Aquarius signs can recline on a giant bottle of chilled rosé on their rosé floaté

Pisces ♓: Octopus Floatie 

Pisces is the fish sign so of course, their floatie is going to be under-the-sea themed. This unique and eye-catching floatie is just what Pisces wants while they're having aquatic summer fun since they're so visual and artsy they'll appreciate this statement floatie.

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