Have you ever stared at your staircase in disappointment, wishing it were an over-the-top private elevator instead? Cry no more, because this B.C. Airbnb has got you covered. Located in a world-famous ski town, this Whistler Airbnb with elevator and ski room is ready to imbue you with magical skiing powers (probably) for a shockingly low price.

Whistler is known for its slopes, its scenery, and its picturesque village houses. What it's not known for is cheap accomodation prices.

At $900 a night, this huge property might seem like more of the same. But don't scroll away just yet, because this is a ding dang mansion, my guy.

The owner says it fits 15 people. With a bit of simple division, that's just $60 a person — a steal for you and your private army.

On top of that, this place comes with features so luxury it'll make onlookers want to eat the rich. We're talking heated floors, a steam room, a freaking private elevator to boot, and even a dedicated ski room.

You know you're living fancy when your house has an entire room dedicated to one activity available only half the year.

Speaking of skiing, the mansion is located right next to a popular gondola, which will take you up the slopes for a wild day of sick tricks or painful falls.

"Creekside is a favoured ski gondola of many locals as it has shorter lines and great runs. Creekside is also the end of the longest ski run in North America, the Peak to Creek," reads the posting.

"This is neat, but there's gotta be a downside to this place," I hear you and your 14 clones chant in unison. First of all, great harmonics. Second, you're totally right.

If you're the type of person who doesn't have a private army or 14 clones on tap, you and your friends might find it expensive to stay here.

If you do have a private army, clones, or both, you might be disappointed to learn this mansion only has five bedrooms and six beds.

Aside from that hurdle, the rooms will at least be ridiculously comfy to sleep in. Each room has its own TV, and the smart home surround-sound system will have you pleasantly deaf in no time.

The ski room features an all-over heated floor, a special fan for drying snow gear and a washer/dryer specifically for your slushy clothes!

Plus, with the mansion sitting at an enormous 5,3756 square feet space, you certainly won't feel cramped.

To quote William Shakespeare, probably, "You only live once so make it rain!" Life's too short to not live in a crazy mansion with a private elevator, steam room, and dedicated ski room, whatever that is. 

While Whistler's best ski Airbnbs can be expensive, the cost is much more reasonable if you can split it with your BFFs.

Crazy Ski Mansion

Price Per Night: $900

Neighbourhood: Whistler, B.C.

Why You Need To Go: Life's too short to take the stairs.