Ontario's $55 Million Lottery Winner Plans On Living A "Normal Routine" For His Kids

Dwayne Williams plans on working to keep a normal life for his children.
Ontario Editor
Ontario's $55 Million Lottery Winner Plans On Living A "Normal Routine" For His Kids

We've all dreamt about winning the lottery and what we would do with the money. While many of us would probably end up quitting our jobs, the latest lotto winner plans on doing the exact opposite. Whitby's latest $55 million lottery winner actually plans on keeping his job and living a "normal routine" for his kids. 

Dwayne Williams from Whitby, Ontario was shocked to discover that he had won the Lotto Max $55 Million jackpot over a month ago on April 5, 2019. He told Lotto Max that he always made sure to check his Lotto Max ticket first thing on Saturday mornings, but on his winning day, it slipped his mind. 

Williams says he was so focused on getting his children out the door and running some errands that he didn't actually check his ticket until later that evening after he heard on the radio that the winning ticket was sold in Oshawa, where he had bought his ticket. 

After hearing the news on the radio, he joked with his wife that they had the winning ticket, but Williams didn't actually think it would be a reality. Yet, when Williams scanned his ticket on the OLG Lottery App he instantly noticed something different. He told OLG, "I saw the Free Play notice first, that’s where my eye went on the screen but in my head I knew something looked different than usual – and that’s when I focused on the $55 and at first I thought I won $55,000 but then I counted all the zeroes – all of this went through my mind in a split second."

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After discovering he won, Williams actually didn't claim his money right away. In fact, it actually took Williams a couple of weeks to claim his prize. 

William stated that he actually wanted to live a few extra weeks of a normal life before claiming his prize. Williams said that he immediately knew it would be a life changing event and he wanted to spend the last few weeks with family and friends before their lives changed forever. 

Now that's he has claimed his prize the first question on everyone's mind is, what is Williams planning on doing with the money? Well, Williams states that he's actually going to continue working as a technology entrepreneur and even plans to further invest in his business. 

While he does plan on using the money to travel to Europe and treat himself to the purchase a luxury car he states that he wants to keep up a normal routine for his children. 

Williams states that "It’s important for my kids to see their dad participating in a normal routine, being productive and giving back.” The 35-year-old Ontarian is a father of two and now, a multi-millionaire. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor