If you are patient enough, you may come across some once in a lifetime views in the wild. A recent encounter that was caught on camera in Alberta is the perfect combination between rare and adorable. In the video posted online, you can see a rare white bear in Banff hanging out with its cute brunette friend. The duo was doing what they do best which is finding things to eat.

Spring has sprung so you know what that means. More and more bears are popping out of their hibernation dens

Even the two iconic bears on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver have officially woken up and are ready to eat. 

While some of us have seen the typical grizzly bear out and about in the wild, you may not know that there are white bears, too. 

And no, we aren’t talking about the polar kind.

The Banff Jasper Collection explains that Banff is frequented by grizzlies, which can be black in colour, and black bears, which can be white in colour. We know, it doesn't make much sense. 

Though rare to see a white bear, it does happen and someone was recently able to catch one on video. 

In a video posted on the Rimrock Resort Hotel's Facebook page, you can see two bears digging through the spring snow.

Both bears were spotted in Banff National Park just a couple of days ago. 

The video is incredibly cool and you can perfectly see an unobstructed view of the two bears. 

The large animals seem unbothered by someone videoing them but don’t worry, there is a fence preventing both the bears and the videographer from getting too close. 

At least the person videotaping didn’t encounter Alberta’s toughest and meanest bear, The Boss.

Seeing a bear in the wild like this can be a rare treat, let alone one of this colour. 

Since spring has sprung, bears are waking up and are out and about looking for food.

But you would be doing the same if you slept that long.

If you happen to find yourself out in the wilderness, take the proper precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and surrounding wildlife. 

Last year, several close bear encounters were caught on video that could have been a lot worse.