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America's Popular White Claw Boozy Seltzer Is Coming To Canada This Spring

Something new to sip on this spring and summer.

Just in time for the warmer temps that come with spring and summer, Canadians will have a new drink to choose from at the liquor store. White Claw's Canada launch is finally happening in March and people are getting excited. It's time to start counting down the days!

The popular American hard seltzer drink is officially coming north of the border.

"You asked for it, so we did it," said a tweet from the hard seltzer brand's American Twitter.

According to a countdown on its website, Canadians can get their hands on White Claw cans as of March 1, 2020.

The site also shows three flavours, mango, black cherry and natural lime but there isn't any word on if those are the only ones that will be available.

From province to province, the exact flavours and release dates might vary so if you're desperately waiting for the Canadian launch you might want to check with your local liquor store about availability.

In the U.S., the alcoholic beverage is sold in black cheery, ruby grapefruit, natural lime, raspberry, and mango flavours along with an unflavoured one.

This year, the brand is expanding with three new flavours — south of the border, watermelon, lemon, and tangerine. 

The 100-calorie drink is made from seltzer water, a gluten-free alcohol base and fruit flavour.

Despite only being around since 2016, White Claw has quickly become a favourite in the U.S. and accounted for more than half of all hard seltzer sales there last year, according to The Takeout.

Now that it's coming up to Canada, people are getting excited about sipping on the flavoured drinks without having to cross the border to get them.

"White Claw is coming to Canada 2020 is saved," one person said on Twitter.

Another person said, "this is almost better than my birthday."

This 5% alcoholic drink is by the company that also owns Mike's Hard Lemonade which was actually first introduced in Canada, according to Business Insider.

Anthony von Mandl's, a Vancouver-born billionaire who also owns a bunch of wineries in B.C., is the man behind the company. 

With those true north connections in mind, it doesn't seem surprising that White Claw is making its way to Canada.