If you're a big reality TV fan, you may have heard of a brand new show coming this week called Relatively Nat & Liv. The show is about two Canadian beauty and fashion bloggers who have made a name for themselves not only in Vancouver but also in Los Angeles. The duo hangs out with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, so you know the show is about to be entertaining. Before we dive too much into that though, let's find out - who are Olivia Pierson and Natalie Halcro?

There's so much we could tell you about the fashionable duo, but for now, we'll leave it to the basics! Once the show rolls out, you'll get to know them better than you ever could've dreamed. Here's everything you need to know about Nat & Liv:

1. They're not only business partners, but also cousins

If you're lucky enough to have a big family with plenty of cousins, you probably know that even if you don't get along with all of them, there's always one or two that become more like siblings to you. Such is the case with Nat & Liv, who grew up together, do business together, and are basically inseparable.

2. They each have over 2.5 million followers on Instagram

Everyone knows that followers are key in the influencer world, and it's safe to say that these two are doing pretty good for themselves. Olivia has racked up 2.6 million followers and counting, and Natalie has a whopping 3.7 million. The duo also has a shared YouTube channel, which is just shy of 270,000 subscribers.

3. They're actually really good friends with Kim Kardashian

If you've seen the preview for the show (which you can watch above), you may have noticed a sneaky Kim Kardashian cameo. The queen of reality TV is actually really good friends with Nat & Liv, which explains why there are so many similarities in their vibes - great minds think alike!

4. They were born in Langley, British Columbia

Although they've made major names for themselves down in Los Angeles, Nat & Liv will always be Vancouverites at heart. They spend their share of time in their Canadian hometown and have admitted that they like being in Van City, as it allows them to "be themselves" and not have to keep up superficial appearances.

5. They previously stared on a TV show called WAGS

If you're not familiar, WAGS stands for "wives and girlfriends of sports stars". The show aired from 2015 to 2017, and both Nat & Liv were featured. Natalie was dating pro-NFL player Shaun Phillips at the time (the pair has since split), and Olivia was dating pro-NFL player Marcedes Lewis (the pair has also split).

6. They're 29 and 31 years old, respectively

At just 29 and 31 years old, I think we can all agree that Nat & Liv have a lot going for themselves! Friends, family, fashion, and now, a reality TV show to boot! We can't wait to get to know the girls more once the series airs on June 2nd.