One of the most important parts of making sure the government continues to work for you is to get out and vote — of course, it's even more important to know who you're voting for. If you tend to lean Democrat, you might be surprised by a young candidate by the name of Elijah Manley running for a seat in Florida's House of Representatives. Wondering who Elijah Manley is? Here are 5 things you need to know about him.

1. He's Only 20 Years Old, Has A Huge Family, And Grew Up In Need

This youngster isn't even 21 yet, but his passion for politics appears to succeed his age.

He grew up in Fort Lauderdale with his parents Marsha and James as well as 10 siblings, he and his family relied on food stamps, Medicaid, and section 8 housing. He even went to public school just like the majority of us.

After struggling throughout his growing years and encountering oppression as a young African American, he saw a huge gap between the wealthy and the poor, which inspired him to push for change and pursue his political passions.

2. He Was The Youngest Person To Run For President

He may be young, but that hasn't stopped him from being politically active. The young activist ran for a seat on the school board at Broward Public Schools in 2018, ultimately losing.

Despite the loss, he continues to push on for politics. He's not only running for a seat in Florida's House of Representatives but was also shooting for US president in 2020 elections.

Manley cited his reasons for running as there being an emergency in America, fueled by greed, recklessness, and exploitation — going on to say we can't afford to idly sit by and wait any longer so he decided to take action.

While he never expected to win, he voiced some progressive goals for the country, focusing his sights on the people who are most in need.

You have to be 35 to hold the seat, but he did actually register to run for the 2020 presidency with the Federal Election Commission.

He has since ceased his presidential campaign to focus on his run for a seat in District 94's House, instead endorsing Bernie Sanders.

3. He Supports Women's Rights 

Even though Elijah is male, he recognizes his fellow females as equals and believes they deserve to have control over their own bodies.

States like Alabama and Georgia have enstated abortion bans that strip women of their right to choose, something that has been long established with Roe V. Wade since 1973.

Mike Hill, a Florida Republican has stated that he has plans to sponsor a similar abortion ban in Florida, which Elijah greatly opposes.

The 20-year-old plans to fight that as a member of the House, cementing women's right to choose in the Florida Constitution.

In the House, I‘lol stand up to any GOP attempt to roll back a woman’s right to control her own body. I hear that the FL GOP are getting ready to bring Alabama style abortion bans to FL. I’ll fight to enshrine it in the FL constitution. Follow @VoteChoice for nationwide alerts

November 27, 2019

4. He's Queer And Supports LGBTQ+ Rights

After Florida's Pulse incident, he came out just a few days before the vigil and said he felt great fear for himself and other LGBTQ+ members in the community.

As a queer himself, the 20-year-old activist plans to stand for his fellow oppressed LGBTQ peers.

He wants to push for education reform that includes information on same-sex couples and LGBTQ+ inclusivity, as well as granting rights for everyone across the queer spectrum.

5. He Loves Memes, Just Like The Rest Of Us

While he may be pushing for New Green Deals, Women's Rights, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Education Reform if he secures a seat in The House, Elijah loves memes.

His Twitter feed is full of memes and gif responses to comments that directly reflect this culture of comedy we have now.

Despite all the greed, corruption, and oppression he sees in the world, the 20-year-old still knows how to have a sense of humor about life.

August 28, 2019

This young adult appears to have a passion for politics that is unmatched by most U.S. millennials. To keep up with his campaign for a seat in the Florida House, check out his Twitter here.