It hasn't been the easiest time for Jenelle Evans. A couple of weeks ago, news broke that her husband David Eason had shot and killed her dog for 'nipping' at their young daughter. While Jenelle was trying to figure out what to do, Teen Mom 2 called it quits on her contract. If you've watched the Teen Mom franchise before, then you'd know that if they fire someone, they replace them. Things just got a little more real for Jenelle, as Teen Mom 2 will soon announce her replacement. So, who is Jenelle Evan's replacement on Teen Mom 2?

Not only did Jenelle's dog suddenly die, but her children have been taken from her home by CPS. Jenelle and David were seen in court yesterday trying to fight for their kids, but the Teen Mom 2 cameras weren't there to film any of this. Instead, they were filming another teen mom, who you'll definitely recognize. 

If you've kept up with the show, then you'd know that MTV brings in replacements from other shows on their network. They've brought in Briana DeJesus from Teen Mom 3, and Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton from Are You the One, The Real World, and The Challenge. So who is this new teen mom? Well, her name is Jade Cline, and she's from a show called Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant. 

If you've never seen Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant, it's kind of a mix of MTV's 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Jade Cline has a daughter named Kloie, and her story is very, very dramatic. So she'll definitely fit in with the other Teen Mom moms. 

According to TMZ, Teen Mom 2 producers are currently traveling to New York City to film Kailyn Lowry's podcast, and her special guest is Jade. They'll interview her, and she's set to announce that she's taking over for Jenelle. While a ton of fans are ecstatic that Jenelle got the boot, Kailyn and Jenelle have never, ever gotten along. So she's probably happier than most!

Fans aren't upset at all that Jenelle won't be on the show anymore, but they are sad her mother Barbara won't be making hilarious comments. As for Jade, she's a favourite among the Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant stars, so we see her fitting in perfectly.