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Who Is Ontario's Batman And Why Is Everyone Talking About Him

We finally know everything about Ontarios's Batman, including who he is without the costume.

Last week, Canadians were in disbelief after a video of Batman getting pulled over on an Ontario highway went viral. Yep, we mean the Dark Knight in the flesh. Well, it was more like a grown man dressed in an impressively realistic Batman costume. But still, he played the part well and was even driving a full-blown Batmobile.

In the video, Batman can be seen exchanging words with an OPP officer on the side of the road, the police cruiser parked directly behind his vehicle. Batman getting pulled over like a regular civilian is not something you see every day, so of course, social media instantly blew up with questions. Everyone wanted to know what Batman had done to get stopped by the cops.

BATMAN leaps out of Batmobile, turns to Ontario Provincial Police officer."Everything okay?""There are reports of slowed traffic due to the Batmobile.""I slow down when I see people taking photos and not focus on their driving.""Can I get a photo?""Yes, officer." pic.twitter.com/Xhlps7o3Vw

August 22, 2018

Later, Batman revealed in an interview that the police officers stopped him that day simply because they wanted a photo. But, he admits that he's used to the attention. "I don't want to get the officer into any trouble at all because they do get excited when they see something unusual," he said, "It's a handshake that I'm happy to have with police."

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We also now know his real name and no, it's not Bruce Wayne. His name is Stephen Lawrence, and he's from Brampton, Ontario. After a little digging, we learned that Lawrence is just like us. He has a Bachelors of Technology from Ontario's Fleming College, and is proficient in Microsoft Office - so he claims on his LinkedIn profile, at least.

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However, he takes his job as Batman very seriously. He's been actively serving as Ontario's superhero for 28 years. "The story of Bruce Wayne and my own, unfortunately, are very similar," he said in the interview. Lawrence's father passed away when he was a teenager, and he's been Batman ever since.

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According to Lawrence, his primary Batman duties include "creating smiles, causing interest, awareness, and distraction, being a good citizen on the side of law that can effect change and deterrence against crime." He may not have superhuman abilities, but he's fighting crime and injustice in his own way.

Source: CBC