Who Is Princess Eugenie And Why Is Everyone Talking About Her Right Now?

Princess Eugenie is currently 9th in line for the throne.
Who Is Princess Eugenie And Why Is Everyone Talking About Her Right Now?

Princess Eugenie is trending all over the Internet today thanks to her extremely extravagant wedding to Jack Brooksbank, which took place at Windsor Castle in England this morning. Even though the BBC, Englands go-to news source, didn't provide live coverage of the wedding, people are still talking about it everywhere. 

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In some cases, though, this may be the first time you are even hearing about the royal affair or the princess herself. So, despite throwing a royal wedding to rival Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's you may be wondering, who the heck is Princess Eugenie and why should we care about her? 

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Princess Eugenie of York is what some experts consider a junior royal, relating not to her age but to her rank. For all intents and purposes, she is pretty much a private citizen, unlike Princes Harry and William who are public figures, but she just happens to be related to the Queen. 

To understand where she fits into the royal family tree, she is Prince William and Harry's cousin and one of the Queen's eight grandchildren. Her father, Queen Elizabeth's third child, is Andrew, Duke of York. Based on the current line up, Eugenie is 9th in line for the throne. But, the chances of her actually getting there are slim and completely dependent on Prince Charles, both his children, and all their children, plus a few other people dying first. 

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Since she is so far from inheriting the throne, and only getting knocked down further as Prince William and Harry's families grow, she is therefore considered a junior royal. That doesn't mean she is any less interesting, though! 

Princess Eugenie first gained notoriety on the world stage at Prince William and Kate's wedding. She and her older sister Beatrice showed up wearing the most ostentatious hats, drawing criticism from media all over the world who said the hats were ridiculous and accused the sisters of trying to steal attention. 

While Beatrice's pale pink hat was compared to a pretzel or an octopus, Eugenie's pointy blue hat was judged for the over the top flower arrangement towering above it. 

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Fortunately, the girls toned down their fascinator game a lot more for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding back in May. Beatrice wore a large, flat blue headband-looking piece while Eugenie opted for a simple pill-box hat. 

Which brings us to Princess Eugenie's wedding today where she traded her extravagant fascinators for an equally extravagant emerald tiara, as well as a number of other extremely lavish touches. 

Ahead of this morning's royal wedding, some royal watchers pointed out that Eugenie has made her wedding into a big public spectacle, which is different than what most B-list royals would do. She's being criticized for trying to raise her rank in the public eye, and one-up Prince Harry and Meghan's nuptials from earlier this year. 

Besides taking place at the exact same venue, St. George's Chapel at Windsor castle, Eugenie's wedding also included a similar carriage parade after the ceremony. Her hairstyle and gown also had spectators drawing comparisons to Meghan's dress and tiara.

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Not only did Eugenie invite 250 more guests than Harry and Meghan, but she is making the celebration a grand two-day affair. Harry and Meghan's high-profile wedding in May was only one day. 

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The weddings are drastically different, though, reminding the world and Princess Eugenie herself that she is, in fact, just a junior royal. 

When Will and Kate got married, they became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Similarly, Harry and Meghan were named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. These are official royal titles that only the queen can give out, and yet Princess Eugenie and her new husband Jack have yet to receive theirs.

There are a few reasons why that might be, but the main two come down to her place in the royal family. Princess Eugenie, who will still keep her princess title, is only 9th in line for the throne and still slipping further back. Beyond that, she isn't actually a working royal, rather she holds a job outside of the royal family. 

Since she is likely never going to sit on the throne as we previously mentioned, and her and Jack won't ever actually carry out work on behalf of the Queen. That's why Queen Elizabeth reportedly didn't see a need to give them an official title or dukedom. That doesn't mean she doesn't love them - in fact, Eugenie revealed once that the Queen loves her fiance Jack and was very excited about the wedding. 

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Despite today's wedding not being shown on major news outlets, you can still find highlights and pictures from the royal wedding this morning since they are trending online. The next time you hear reporters mention Princess Eugenie, now you'll know exactly who they're talking about.