Ryan Reynolds' Best Friends Are Famous Actors You Definitely Know

Name a more iconic trio.
Who Is Ryan Reynolds' Best Friend?

If you're anything like most people, you probably met your best friend in elementary school, or maybe at work, or maybe even via social media. Whatever the case may be, it's pretty likely that this person is no celebrity, although they may be the most amazing person in the world to you. At times we all dream about being BFFs with a celebrity, but chances of that happening are slim to none unless you happen to become a celebrity yourself. Who is Ryan Reynolds' best friend? Two famous actors take the title.

If you follow Ryan Reynolds on Instagram, or even if you've ever seen one of his many wonderful movies, you probably know that he's a very talented actor and a hilarious human being. Reynolds is always teasing his wife, Blake Lively on social media (she teases right back, of course), and throwing shade at his super exclusive clique of Hollywood best friends.

Apart from Lively and their three children, Reynolds has two other people that he loves to bug - American actor Jake Gyllenhaal and Australian star Hugh Jackman. The trio can often be seen poking fun at one other all over social media, and when they actually get the chance to get together, the pranks become even more hilarious.

Around Christmas time last year, Reynolds, Jackman, and Gyllenhaal all got together for a holiday party. According to Reynolds' Instagram, his two best friends tricked him into thinking the dress code for the party involved ugly Christmas sweaters, although neither of them wore theirs.

"These fucking a**holes said it was a sweater party. 🎄," Reynolds wrote in the caption. Talk about a classic holiday prank.

Jackman also loves to tease Reynolds on the 'gram, regularly posting photos of him for the world to laugh at. "Stage 4 clinger. #bestfriendsday #HiJake," Jackman wrote under the photo, making sure to tag Gyllenhaal to complete the iconic trio.

It looks like Reynolds has his hands full with his two mischevious BFFs, but if a fourth slot ever opens in the Hollywood crew, it's likely that Reynolds' DMs will be full of eager applicants.

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