This past weekend, the actress and MLB player said "I do" in front of a very small audience of 40 guests. They've been together for over two years and got engaged over the Fourth of July weekend last year. You know her from the Family Channel and Riverdale, but who is Vanessa Morgan's husband? Michael Kopech is an MLB player. 

He Was Born In Texas 

The baseball star was born on April 30, 1996, in Mount Pleasant, Texas. His mother is named Tabbetha and he was named after his father Michael P. Kopech.

He Plays For The Chicago White Sox

The 23-year-old had his debut as a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox in August 2018 wearing jersey number 34. Before that, he played for the Boston Red Sox after being selected in the 2014 MLB draft.

He Has A Sister 

Kopech's older sister is named Kaysi and she's also the mom to his two nephews. Her oldest is 11-years-old and her younger son is six-years-old.

He Used To Date Brielle Biermann

The reality TV star dated Kopech for nearly two years and he broke up with her in March 2018, according to the Chicago Tribune. The break up was discussed on Biermann's show, Don't Be Tardy.

He Has Four Dogs 

In a YouTube video from the Chicago White Sox, their pitcher introduced Chi, Blue, Minnie, and Ozzie. He said he's had Ozzie for about five years, Blue is still a puppy, Minnie is a "people pleaser," and Chi was his "cheer up present" to himself when he found out he needed to undergo major surgery.

He Had Tommy John Surgery Last Year 

Kopech underwent the surgery in September 2018. Tommy John surgery also called Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction, is where a healthy tendon is taken from an arm or leg and used to replace a torn ligament in the arm. It's caused by repetitive actions such as throwing which is, of course, his job as a baseball pitcher.

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