A New Docuseries About France’s Most Famous Unsolved Kidnapping Is Now On Netflix Canada

The chilling series is available on Netflix now.
"Who Killed Little Gregory?" On Netflix Canada

Just when you thought that you were out of things to stream on Netflix, the streaming service releases more new content to pull you right back in. Netflix's latest project, a documentary called Who Killed Little Gregory? is a harrowing tale about France's most famous kidnapping story that remains unsolved to this day.

If you've never heard of the story, that may be because it's not exactly a new one. Gregory Villemin was kidnapped and then murdered back in 1984, snatched up from his hometown of Vosges, France.

The young boy was playing outside of his house on a dirt pile but before long, his mother noticed that he was nowhere to be found.

Gregory's mother and her husband reported their child as missing, but shortly after one of the young boy's uncles received an anonymous phone call informing him that Gregory had been dumped in the Vologne River.

Sure enough, there his body was found, hands and feet bound together, little face covered with a hat.

Unlike many true crime documentariesWho Killed Little Gregory? has no answer as to who murdered the little boy, and the series makers were very transparent about that fact.

"To date, no one has been found guilty of the murder of Gregory Villemin," each episode reads.

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The docu-series consists of five episodes, each of which is an hour-long. Although we may not get a conclusive ending, the series takes viewers on a whirlwind journey while telling the story of a case that has fascinated and horrified France for over 30 years.

While you might not have heard about the murder of Gregory Villemin, the case happened 10 years before the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey —  a horrific child murder that's been widely popularized in North America.

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While it's never easy to hear such a chilling story, especially one about the untimely death of someone so young, the Netflix series is a great way for you to expand your true-crime knowledge.

All five episodes of Who Killed Little Gregory? are now available for streaming on Netflix. You can watch the trailer for the series below.

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