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The Bloc Quebecois Is Already Winning The Debate According To Twitter

Twitter loves that he's calling out Bernier.
Ontario Editor
Who Won The Leader's Debate? Twitter Is Saying The Bloc Quebecois Party

With elections just around the corner, the Leader's Debate may be one of the most important debates in helping Canadians decide who to vote for. With all six political leaders present, parties were able to go against each other when it came to their campaign promises. Now, people are already choosing a winner of the Leader's Debate, and Twitter claims it's the Bloc Quebecois Party. 

With this being the first time all six political leaders are at an English debate this federal election, it is an important event in Canada, as the leaders have their chance to win over the audience. However, it seems that it didn't take much time for Twitter to decide who was doing the best in the debate. 

Since the debate started at 7 p.m. ET on Monday night, people have been taking to Twitter to share how impressed they were with Yves-François Blanchet, the leader of Bloc Quebecois Party. While there are a variety of reasons why Twitter is siding with Blanchet, it seems that a majority of Twitter is already given him the win. 

Some seem to like Blanchet for his persona, one user even saying, "The leader of the Bloc is daddy." While another stated, "The Block guy is bringing the comedy tonight."

However, a majority of Twitter seems to be praising Blanchet for standing up against the leader of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier. 

One Twitter user even stating, "Blanchet with a takedown on Max." While another user states, "At this point, I almost want to vote for the Bloc Quebecois. He called out Bernier better than anyone else." 

However, despite the love from the Bloc Quebecois party, there are some Twitter users who believe that the Bloc Quebecois party shouldn't have been part of the debate in the first place. 

One user stating "Lol Quebec has always been ridiculously corrupt, why is the Bloc even here??" While another Twitter user also stated, "Why is the bloc here?"

Despite the opinions on Twitter, at the end of the day, it's your choice on who you think did the best during this Leader's Debate. 

Canadians will be going to the polls on October 21. 

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