This Is Why Ontarians Are Demanding Doug Ford Get A Colonoscopy Without Sedation

Ontarians are sharing their stories on why sedation is so important.
Ontario Editor
This Is Why Ontarians Are Demanding Doug Ford Get A Colonoscopy Without Sedation

Doug Ford's government cuts to multiple services have led to protests around the province in the past few months. Though it seems like one of these cuts has led to a lot more than just a protest. An Ontario woman has created a petition for Doug Ford to get a colonoscopy without sedation in recent light of Ford's possible cuts to healthcare coverage. Since then, Ontarians have been sharing their reasons to why they are signing the petition and Ford's colonoscopy petition is showing us why sedation is so important for Canadians. 

Narcity recently reported on a petition that has over 70,000 signatures so far. The petition that was created two weeks ago by Karen Jutzi is called, "Doug Ford: As Doug Ford to be the first Ontarian to have a colonoscopy without sedation," is in wake of Ford's government reviewing countless medical procedures to determine if they are deemed unnecessary. Colonoscopies are one of the tests that are considered to be under consideration. 

*As previously reported, The Ontario Association of Gastroenterology confirm that most endoscopic procedures occur with patients under moderate sedation also known as "conscious sedation". Deep sedation, on the other hand, must be given by a nurse anaesthetist or an anesthesiologist during long or complicated colonoscopies.  Deep sedation is 2 to 3 times more costly than moderate sedation.

According to City News, Ford's government is looking at whether anesthesiologist-assisted sedation is needed during a colonoscopy as it costs the province $16-millon and is three times more expensive than conscious sedation. Since the petition was created two weeks ago, it has spread throughout the internet and gotten the attention of a majority of Ontarians. 

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As 72,000 Ontarians and counting continue to sign the petition to get Doug Ford to get a colonoscopy without sedation, they are also sharing the reasons as to why sedation is so important to them and why Ford should understand the need for sedation. 

Many Ontarians reportedly get colonoscopies for a variety of health concerns and for cancer screenings, and sedation helps to make the process bearable. Some argue that limiting the sedation for colonoscopies will make the process awful for those who already have to attend them. Some even argued that this will also prevent them from getting cancer screenings in the future. 

When people were asked their reasoning for signing the petition, these were their responses. 

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In the end, many Ontarians believe that cutting sedations from colonoscopy procedures is something that should be avoided. 

*Editor's Note: This article has been updated and additional information has been added.

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor