Netflix Canada delivered an early Christmas present this year and that present is Nick Sagar. The dreamy heartthrob stars alongside Vanessa Hudgens in Netflix's latest cheesy Christmas movie, "The Princess Switch". 

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Now that the movie has been out for a couple of days, people are starting to discover Nick Sagar and they are obsessed with him. Even the streaming service couldn't help sharing the love. 

I'm still processing all the emotions The Princess Switch made me feel, but especially my feelings for Nick Sagar

November 22, 2018

Other people on Twitter agree too. It seems that Nick Sagar has become the new Noah Centineo and people are totally here for it. 


November 18, 2018

me, watching the princess switch and seeing nick sagar’s half naked body come on the screen

November 23, 2018

Nick Sagar is not talked about enough, cos y’all... 👀😍

November 18, 2018

In "The Princess Switch", Nick plays Kevin. If you have already seen the movie, you'll know that he's the baker and love interest of the soon to be princess played by Hudgens. 

That' not all he's done' though. Nick Sagar has been in a number of TV series including "NCIS: Los Angeles", "Queen of the South", and "Shadowhunters". The Princess Switch was, however, his first Netflix Original movie and people are loving it. 

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So why is everyone so obsessed with Nick Sagar? Well for starters he's definitely the hottest guy in "The Princess Switch" and his character is a super wholesome, single dad. Beyond that there is also a shirtless scene in the movie and Nick's muscles are giving people major feelings. 

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That's just Kevin though, Nick Sagar in real life has a lot going for him too. Obviously, the muscles help, but Nick's also from England, meaning he has an amazing British accent. 

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Unfortunately for fans, it looks like "The Princess Switch" is the only Nick Sagar work on Netflix Canada right now so we'll just have to keep watching it on repeat to get our fix.