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Wildflowers Are Officially Blooming In Some Parts Of Arizona (PHOTOS)

It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Wildflower Season In Arizona Brings A Burst Of Color To The State

It's been a wet spring in the Grand Canyon state. All of the rain and the cooler weather have made for an amazing wildflower season in Arizona, and the colors are popping! Exploring the local flowers is a great way to get fresh air and celebrate spring.

While other parts of the US are excited about snowmelt, sunshine, and warmer weather, we're celebrating one of the most glorious seasons in Arizona: wildflower season. 

The flowers are officially in bloom and the result is breathtaking. Various regions across the state are bursting with color as tons of plants blossom. From Tucson to Flagstaff, you can find huge fields, mountain ridges, and scenic hikes overflowing with bright hues.

You likely won't have to travel far to see some. Several areas are starting to bloom and the colors will only be increasing with all of the recent rain. 

Tonto Natural Area and Roosevelt Lake have poppies, lupines, and owl's clover in massive droves. The bright yellows and oranges stand out against the dark green foliage for a happy pop of color.

Lost Dutchman State Park and Tonto National Forest are one of many great places to see the blooms. 

Bartlett Lake, in particular, is blooming spectacularly right now.

Bright purple phacelia, pretty primrose, lupine, brittlebush, and many other varieties are blooming throughout the northeast areas of Arizona.

The yellows and purples look like Easter across the wide plains. Just be sure not to remove any florals as it will prevent them from blossoming in the years to come. 

In the Phoenix area, residents can see poppies, owl clover, lupine, and brittlebush starting to bloom. 

If you've scoped out all of the Valley spots, no worries. Desert botanical gardens are also ideal places to see them. 

Seeking these heavenly havens is a great excuse to get outdoors and explore more of the state. Most of the flowers are found in state parks and other natural areas, making it ideal for a solo scenic hike or nature walk. 

Nothing brightens up a day like sunshine and wildflowers! 

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