Soon, it will be the ideal to get outside and into nature. Luckily, Tennessee has some amazing hiking spots with gorgeous views. You can also check out a place that actually has wildflowers in Tennessee.

If you're up for a challenging hike with the prettiest flowers, then a hike to Gregory Bald from Gregory Ridge Trail in Blount County, Tennessee, might be right for you.

This roundtrip hike is 11.3 miles and can be challenging, but many would say that it's totally worth it.

The hike is likely to take you about six hours, so you'll want to plan for a whole day worth of hiking or even think about spending the night. It also has some steep inclines, and the terrain can be challenging, so this hike is rated as difficult.

Therefore, you'll definitely want to remember to bring plenty of water, some food to snack on and anything else you might need to make it through an intense journey. Make sure you're wearing the proper footwear as well.

During the early summer, you can find blooming azaleas near the top of the mountain. Their gorgeous pinkish-red color makes the overlook even more stunning than it usually is at any other time of year.

In fact, this hiking spot is known as one of the best places to see azaleas blooming at this time of year, so if you love gorgeous flower fields, you should add this spot to your bucket list.

If you decide to go later in the summer, you might even find some wild blueberries. No matter when you go, though, it's an ideal spot for pictures.

The next time you want to get out into nature for the day and take a hike, a trip to Gregory Bald is sure to be an adventure.

Gregory Bald From Gregory Ridge Trail

Price: Free

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Why You Need To Go: You can see wild blooming azaleas in the summer in addition to gorgeous overlook views.

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