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Although new Christmas movies come out every year, there will always be a few older classics that people can't get through the holidays without watching. Films like A Christmas CarolHome Alone, and of course, Will Ferrell's Buddy the Elf role.

If you're a big fan of Elf, it's hard to picture anyone other than Ferrell rocking those yellow tights and towering above all of his elf buddies, but as it turns out, the iconic role was originally given to Canadian actor Jim Carrey.

The script for Elf actually came to be way back in 1993 and was written with Carrey in mind. Unfortunately, the production of the film took longer than expected (we're talking 10 years longer), so Carrey turned down the role to pursue other projects.

Luckily for the brains behind Elf, Ferrell was happy to throw on the green costume and treat himself to plenty of sugar while on set (which actually resulted in some horrible headaches for him), giving us the film as we know it today.

The movie may have a happy ending, but it does also leave room for a sequel — who hasn't thought about where Papa Elf, Buddy, Jovie, and their baby ended up all these years later?!

Apparently though, Ferrell was quick to shoot down the $29 million that he was offered to film a sequel. According to an interview with The Guardian, all he had to think about to turn it down was the "bad reviews the film would get".

The original film made a whopping $220 million at the box office, so even if he turned down the sequel, Ferrell still got a pretty sweet payday from the first film.

As for Carrey, he may not have gotten a chance to dress up as an elf, but he did get to wear a green holiday costume of sorts when he starred in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

If you're hoping to watch either of these classic films this holiday season, you can check out Carrey's movie on Netflix, and Elf on Amazon Prime.

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