160 Remembrance Day Flags Were Just Stolen From Veterans' Graves At A Ontario Cemetery

A larger flag was also stolen.
160 Remembrance Day Flags Were Just Stolen From Veterans' Graves At A Ontario Cemetery

A shocking discovery was just announced from the Windsor Veterans' Memorial Services Committee. 160 mini Canadian flags that were recently put on the graves of war veterans at Windsor Grove Cemetery have all gone missing. The Windsor veteran cemetery thefts have been upsetting for everyone in the community.With Remembrance Day fast approaching, this is an extra sensitive time to face any disrespect toward veterans. 

“You know, it’s hard for me to say what’s in the mind of some of these individuals who have no respect for the freedoms they have today, or the people who provided them,” Paul Lauzon, president of the Windsor Veterans' Memorial Services Committee (WVMSC), told The Windsor Star.

The flags were reported missing from Windsor Grove Cemetery on Monday, CTV News reports. They had been placed there by the WVMSC in honour of Remembrance Day, the one time a year we all collectively pay respects to World War One veterans.“We try to put out a flag for every veteran. We want every veteran, dead or alive, to be recognized for their service,” Lauzon said. “It’s sad. These flags — You can get them at a dollar store. There’s no real value other than what they represent.”

A larger Canadian flag was also stolen from the pole it was attached to. Lauzon and everyone else is confused and angry about this. "I'm not sure the reasoning and a lot of times I find myself thinking about it and I try not to, I don't want to put myself in that frame of mind, that a person is that type that they'd do that sort of thing," he says. 

Windsor Grove Cemetery Manager, Ed Shabsove says they've had someone coming to the cemetery for the last few weeks and disturbing monuments, but they don't have security cameras that cover the whole property. The cameras are also off at night, AM800 reports. "There's nothing we can really do because we can't police this 24 hours a day," says Shabsove. "We do lock the gates at night but they can crawl over the gate." They have contacted the Windsor Police about the situation. "Some brass pottery and things from other grave sites have been taken as well, so I'm not sure of the motive for the flags," said Lauzon to the CBC. "I don't know where you would sell them, what kind of benefit you could get from it."

Lauzon also told the CBC that it was only on the graves of the First World War veterans that the flags were missing from, while Second World War graves went untouched.

Luckily, a man who wishes to remain unnamed has donated over 100 flags to the cemetery in order to make right of the situation, CTV News reports. 

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