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Windsor Ruins Among Abandoned Places To Explore In Mississippi That Feels Like Greece

Exploring the ruins of ancient buildings and historical sites is like taking an instant trip back in time. The bones of what once stood can provide us with perspective and information of what it was like to live hundreds of years ago, not to mention make for some pretty awesome photo ops. In Mississippi, wandering among the towering columns of the ancient Windsor Ruins could even add a little flair that makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a sliver of old-world Greece!

It’s easy to forget you’re in the deep south when looking up at the Mediterranean-esque columns of the Windsor Ruins, echoing an inkling of inspiration from the Parthenon Temple in Athens.

These towering structures are not actually the remnants of an ancient home to the Greek gods, but rather, a pre-civil war era mansion.

The mansion was a lofty sight in 1861 when it was one of the largest private residences in Mississippi. It was also thought to be one of the largest examples of Greek Revival architecture in the state at the time.

But a fire consumed most of the home in 1890, and only 29 of the massive masonry columns remained — while the rest of the house became ashes of the past.

Measuring up to 45 feet, the columns have survived over a century of erosion from the elements and have been cared for and preserved as a designated Mississippi landmark.

Currently, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History is trying to find the date that three of the columns went missing.

They were previously suspected to have been destroyed in the fire, but MDAH is asking the public for photos of the ruins taken between 1942 and 1971 to find out exactly when the columns were lost.

Today, curious guests are free to visit the ruins with no fee during daylight hours. The ruins are open Saturday through Sunday from dawn to dusk.

History buffs, photographers, and adventurers everywhere will appreciate the enduring beauty of this site of singed history.

Windsor Ruins

Price: Free

Address: Rodney Road, Port Gibson, MS located at 31.9406° N latitude, 91.1295° W longitude

Why You Need To Go: These ancient ruins will make you feel like you've been transported to Greece! Whether you love exploring, want to dive deep into history, or are looking for your next best photo op, they're worth a visit at least once in your life.

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