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11 Allegedly Haunted Spots You Can Explore In Manitoba

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

For those brave enough to venture into the spooky darkness, Manitoba has some scary places for you to explore. So if you're up for some paranormal activity or wanting to make your own Blair Witch Project, our province will keep you on your toes.

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Throughout Manitoba’s history are a number of haunting ghost stories. Have you ever had that moment when you were bored in History class? Well, try being bored now! These dark, eerie historic sites will leave you spine-tingling! So if you're feeling brave enough, here are 11 Haunted Places You Can Visit In Manitoba.

Fort Garry Hotel

The hotel is infamous for it's haunted room 202. People have reported seeing ghosts, blood, and strange activity within the room. Feeling daring? Definitely watch the movie "1408" to freak you out before you go.

Le Musée de Saint-Boniface

The museum was originally built as a nunnery, however now years later, people have reported hearing ghosts and voices in and around the museum.

St. Norbert Monastery

The Monastery is currently used as an Arts & Cultural centre, but people have reported a feeling of being watched within the building.

The Marlborough Hotel

The hotel opened on the eve of the First World War. Since then, many have reported incidents of unexplained footsteps throughout the hotel, and some say that they've even seen ghosts roaming the halls. Creepy!

Manitoba Legislative Building

The Grand Staircase when you enter the building is measured at 66.6 feet on each side. This is said to represent the number 666. People have reported the hallway to the left of the grand staircase to have paranormal activity.

Pantages Playhouse Theatre

The Pantages Playhouse was opened up by Alexander Pantages in 1914. Apparently, he could be kind of a jerk, so people report ghosts would spend their days playing tricks on him.

Burton Cummings Theatre

Originally named The Walker Theatre and built in 1906, people now report hearing applauses and doors opening in the theatre.

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Lower Fort Garry

Lower Fort Garry was originally built by The Hudson's Bay Company. People have reported most of their ghost sighting's in the oldest building, known as "The Big House".

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Saint Boniface Cathedral

The Saint Boniface Cathedral was damaged in a fire in 1968. Now, people report paranormal activity around the cathedral and cemetery.


Canadas first Prime Minister's son once lived here. People have reported the spirit's here to be friendly. So if you're more of a Casper fan, then this is your go to!

Brandon Assiniboine Community College

This building used to be Brandon's former mental asylum. Although now it currently acts as the Assiniboine Community College, it is rumored to still be haunted from back in the day.

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