Brunch. Arguably the greatest meal of the day. And lucky for us, in 2016, brunch is no longer just plain ol' bacon and eggs and a glass of watery orange juice.

From falafels to avocado toast, to dim sum and chicken and waffles. Fom mimosas to fresh juice to coconut milk lattes—Winnipeg's got it all.

Here are some of the best places to brunch in Winnipeg right now.

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Falafel Place // 1101 Corydon Ave

They have vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, and they're open at 6:30am every day of the week (plus they've got Mickey Mouse pancakes if you're feeling nostalgic).

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Crème DeL'Essence // 1833 Inkster Blvd


The menu here combines Filipino roots with French dishes, making for a unique brunch, lunch, and dinner spot. They're on the list for their insanely delicious eggs benny and chicken and waffles.

Miss Browns // 288 William Ave

All day breakfast paired with the most delicious coffee and cozy cafe vibes makes this Aussie-owned sandwich shop a perfect stop for brunch.

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Dim Sum Garden // 268 King St & 2677 Pembina Hwy

A traditional dim sum brunch is never a bad idea, especially if you're brunchin' in a large group. Steamed buns, shrimp and pork dumplings, and steamed veggies will leave you full 'til dinner.

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Ben & Florentine // 155 Scurfield Blvd

This new breakfast spot is kinda like a mix between Stella's and Cora's. Healthy options are available, but so are dishes like the breakfast poutine smothered in hollandaise sauce.

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Frenchway Cafe // 238 Lilac St

This cafe does it the French way (hence the name) with shelves of fresh pastries, brioches, croissants, and breads. They also have a full breakfast and lunch menu including sweet and savoury crepes.

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Forth // 171 McDermot Ave

In an Instagram world full of avocado toast pictures, Forth's still stands out. Avocado toast + a soy latte in one of the coolest spaces in the city = a really, really good Sunday.

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Stella's Cafe // Newest: 1463 Pembina Hwy

You can't talk about brunch in Winnipeg and not include Stella's. I know this place is nothing new to most of us, but seriously, that Mexican breakfast is what brunch dreams are made of.

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Chaise Cafe // 271 Provencher Blvd

Two words: breakfast pizza. Chaise does a prix fixe brunch on the weekends that includes both a savoury and sweet course, and the courses are served 'family style' so expect large portions.

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1958 // 761 Westminster

Known for its variations on the traditional eggs benny and eclectic, mismatched dinnerware and decor, this tiny Wolseley cafe is worth stopping by on your hungover, Sunday morning stroll. They're only open weekends, though!

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Clementine // 123 Princess St

You knew this one was coming. It was recently featured in Vogue, and it's much-loved by food critics and writers from across Canada, so how could it not end off the list of best brunch spots in the city? Dishes like Turkish eggs, chorizo verde tostada, and braised bacon benedict round off this menu. And don't skip on the coffee here!