We're not a big major city, so yeah we don't always get all the good flight deals, even if new travel sites are making things better! Long road trips can get expensive and who has money for all those hotels or Airbnb's? We have some great places to visit here that you probably wouldn't have expected were right in your own backyard.

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Just because you're broke doesn't mean you can't travel. There might be no Mexico for Spring Break in sight, but once the weather warms up, Little Limestone Lake can get us surprisingly close! Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, hiking, exploring, or just looking for a great place to take a wicked Instagram photo, here are 11 places to visit in Manitoba if you're broke but love to travel.

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1. Little Limestone Lake

Located 5 hours away from Winnipeg, the lake looks like it's in the Caribbean, yet it's right here in Manitoba. It's the world largest and most dramatically colour-changing marl lake. The Marl, a constituent of Limestone, is what gives the lake that amazing colour.


2. Pinawa Suspension Bridge

Located 1 hour and a half away from Winnipeg, the bridge is 54 metres long and was actually built by volunteers.

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3. Gimli Boardwalk

Located 1 hour away from Winnipeg, the boardwalk has paintings all along it on one side, with the harbour on the other. The boardwalk continues along the beach where you will also find volleyball nets and a park.

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4. Pisew Falls

Located 7 hours away from Winnipeg, the falls are part of Mystery Lake and reside in The Pisew Falls Provincial Park.

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5. Hunt Lake Hiking Trail

Located just over 1 hour and a half away from Winnipeg, the trail can be found in Whiteshell Provincial Park which runs along the Manitoba/Ontario border.


6. Tulabi Falls

Located a little over 2 hours away from Winnipeg, the falls resides in Nopiming Provincial Park and is known to be an ideal spit for cliff diving.

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7. Winnipeg Beach Pier

Located an hour away from Winnipeg, the pier is iconic to the popular Winnipeg Beach.


8. Hecla Island

Located just under 2 hours away from Winnipeg, the island resides in the Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park. On the island, is a cute little historic village with an amazing old lighthouse. Be sure to snap an insta pic there so everyone knows how very Canadian you actually are.


9. Souris Swinging Bridge

Located almost 3 hours away from Winnipeg, the bridge is a whopping 184 metres long and resides in the small town of Souris. It's lit up at night, so those brave enough to venture in the dark can look forward to a pretty amazing view.

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10. Pine Point Rapids

Located almost 2 hours away from Winnipeg, these rapids reside at Whiteshell Provincial Park. Those of us with no fear can enjoy sliding down them in the summer.

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11. Grand Beach

Located just over 1 hour away from Winnipeg, this beach can be found on the edge of the town of Grand Marais and resides at the Grand Beach Provincial Park.