11 Surreal Waterfalls In Manitoba You Must Visit This Summer

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11 Surreal Waterfalls In Manitoba You Must Visit This Summer

Who would have thought the Prairies have so many waterfalls?! If you're from southern Manitoba, your waterfall options can seem sort of bleak. Venture north or east, though, and there's so much going on in the boreal forests and at the edge of the Canadian Shield.

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"Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to." TLC made a banger back in the day, but sometimes you need to go beyond the rivers and lakes and actually chase those waterfalls! So, start checking these 11 surreal waterfalls in Manitoba off your summer bucket list.

Pisew Falls, Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Pisew Falls is the second highest waterfall in Manitoba! It's located in the small community in Wabowden, up north near Thompson.

Karst Spring, Green River Provincial Park

At the halfway point of Karst Spring Trail, a 3.4-km loop trail near Kelsey, you'll find this beauty, which flows into the Grass River.

Kwastichewan Falls, Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Kwastichewan Falls is the LARGEST waterfall in Manitoba! It's also located up north near Thompson in the area of Wabowden.

Wekusko Falls, Wekusko Falls Provincial Park

Wekusko Falls is unique in that it's one of the only waterfalls in Manitoba with a pedestrian bridge built over it. You can easily get a great shot of the falls here!

Tulabi Falls, Nopiming Provincial Park

Tulabi Falls has really cool big rocks between the rapids. It's located as far east as you can go in Manitoba, bordering Ontario.

Rainbow Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Rainbow Falls is probably one of the most popular falls in Manitoba. It's located in White Lake and doesn't require any hiking.

Sturgeon Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Sturgeon Falls are more like large rapids within the lake. As part of the Canadian Shield, it's a popular spot for water sports.

McGillivray Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

McGillivray Falls is a collection of streams and rivers flowing over the rocks in the McGillivray Falls Self-Guiding Trail. It's located in the area of Falcon Beach.

Viburnam Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Viburnam Falls are located in the Pine Point Rapids Trail. Along the rapids, you'll find various falls like this one.

Acorn Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Acorn Falls are also located along the Pine Point Rapids Trail. They're another set of waterfalls you'll find following the rapids.

Hunt Lake Falls, Whiteshell Provincial Park

Hunt Lake Falls is a creek that flows into Hunt Lake, creating these beautiful falls over the rocks. It's located on the Hunt Lake Hiking Trail.

Disclaimer: We strongly advise that before you go swimming or visit any location, you check the most recent updates on potential hazards, security, water quality, and closures. If you do plan to visit a location, respect the environment.