Summer is coming, which really just means ... time to show off some skin, skin that's covered in beautiful tattoos! Our long cold winter is finally ending and you can finally take off that jacket and show off those sleeves (no, not a long sleeve shirt).

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It's a perfect time to get some ink, seeing as you won't miss any beach days or tanning, and you'll still be good to show it off for the summer!  So start planning and get some inspiration with these 11 Winnipeg Tattoo Artists You Need To Follow On Instagram Right Now.

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Zach Ironstand // Noir Studios

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Rodrigo Mondaca // The Collectors Club Tattoo

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Tyler Alderson // Kapala

via @richhandford

Rich Handford // Kapala Tattoo

Jeremy Blais // Blaze Ink

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Graham Throne // Art And Soul Tattoo

Karen Melia // South Of Heaven

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Jen Willits // 13th Hour Tattoo

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Kurt Wiscombe // Tattoos For The Individual

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Lacey Carriere // Metamorphosis

Candace Reid // Living Canvas