12 Places In Manitoba To Go On A Date During The Holidays

Holidays with baes.
12 Places In Manitoba To Go On A Date During The Holidays

The holidays don't come around all the time. School and work usually take centre stage and Christmas is when most of us get the most time off so we totally need to make the best of it! 

Love is in the air around the holidays with cute Christmas lights everywhere lighting up the night. Everywhere you go is like a picture perfect date spot being all decorated and festive. It's like the one time of year that EVERYONE goes hard on Pinterest. 

Let's not forget about the most romantic part of the holidays though, mistletoe! Sure,Valentine's Day has flowers everywhere but this is the only time when people randomly hang a plant around everywhere that you're supposed to kiss under.

The story behind Mistletoe is believed to be from ancient mythology. Basically, this guy "Baldur" was killed by his enemies with a Mistletoe arrow. His goddess mother cried on the Mistletoe and the plant made her tears heal his wound and brought him back to life. She was so happy that she blessed the Mistletoe and promised to kiss everyone who passed under it. We may not be an ancient goddesses, but either way, prepare to pucker up! Here are 12 Places In Manitoba To Go On A Date During The Holidays.

Skate Rink Under The Canopy

Where: The Forks // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Music & events under the canopy

Price: 💸 (free unless you rent skates)

Why you should go: It's the cutest place to go on a skate date in the city.


Red River Mutual Trail

Where: The Forks // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: The warming huts

Price: 💸 (free unless you rent skates)

Why you should go: It's the Guinness World Record-holding longest naturally frozen skating trail in the world.


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Ice Castles

Where: 105 Waterfront // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Taking epic photos in the castles

Price: 💸 💸 

Why you should go: It's the first time they have ever been made in Winnipeg and only the 2nd location in Canada!


Christmas Market (Nov 24th-26th)

Where: Hudson’s Bay Downtown // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Buying local!

Price: 💸 

Why you should go: This is just one of the many Christmas markets all over Manitoba, you have to hit up at least one.


Santa Clause Parade (Nov 18th)

Where: Downtown // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Santa's float

Price: Free

Why you should go: Sometimes the floats give out chocolate or free swag.


Snow Tubing

Where: Adrenaline Adventures, 600 Caron Rd // Headingly

Most popular thing: Racing each other

Price: 💸 💸 

Why you should go: The tow rope pulls you up the hill so you don't have to walk up.


Skiing & Snowboarding

Where: Springhill Winter Park, Oasis Rd // Oakbank

Most popular thing: The terrain park

Price: 💸 💸 💸 

Why you should go: Snowboarding is amazing!



Where: FortWhyte Alive, 1961 McCreary Rd // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Racing each other

Price: 💸  (or the toboggan runs in the parks are free)

Why you should go: There are also a bunch of runs all over the city and at the very least you can always go to garbage hill.


Winter Wonderland

Where: Red River Exhibition Park // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Wearing 3D glasses to look at the lights

Price: 💸  

Why you should go: You get to stay nice and warm in your car while you drive around and look at the lights.


Photos With Santa

Where: Polo Park, 1485 Portage Ave // Winnipeg

Most popular thing: Matching ugly Christmas sweaters

Price: 💸  💸  (depends on the photos you buy)

Why you should go: So you can send your family super cute photos of yourself for Christmas. Many other places also offer photos with Santa.


CP Holiday Train

Where: Whitemouth, Winnipeg, Portage La Prairie, Neepawa, Minnedosa, Shoal Lake

Most popular thing: It is part of the Canada 150 Train

Price: Free (but bring something to donate to the food bank)

Why you should go: They stop at locations all over the province so they are probably coming to your area.


Sleigh Ride

Where: Birds Hill Park Ranch, 59 North Dr // Oakbank

Most popular thing: Reserving the fire pit for after your sleigh ride

Price: 💸 💸 💸

Why you should go: The sleigh ride also includes a meal so this is a perfect holiday date!


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