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12 Places To Take A Date In Winnipeg If They Have A Serious Sweet Tooth

Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.

If bae's idea of a balanced diet is a chocolate bar in each hand, maybe dinner and a movie isn't the best plan for tonight. Lucky for you, plenty of new dessert spots have cropped up in Winnipeg—and they're starting to get creative with their sweet treats.

Say goodbye to basic brownies, vanilla cones, and bland cookies. These 12 spots have taken dessert to the next level, and their menu items are sweet enough to make your dentist despise you.

Disclaimer: Narcity Winnipeg doesnot accept any responsibility for cavities or tummy aches resulting from reading and consuming the following items on this list


ChocoBerry Dessert House / 470 River Ave


This cozy little Osborne Village location has everything sweet—chocolate syringes, whipped cream covered tea lattes, chocolate fondue, and salted caramel s'mores that you can roast right at your table (don't pinch me if I'm dreaming).

Tea Story / 224 Osborne St


I promise, there's a waffle somewhere under all that whipped cream. But if you're not feelin' something sweet, try a savoury waffle sandwich.

 The Supreme Ice Cream Shoppe / 1295 Jefferson Ave


Halo-halo is a Filipino dessert made with shaved ice and evaporated milk (think a mix between a sundae and a slushie). This is byfar the best spot in the city to grab one.

Kawaii Crepe / 201-99 Osborne St, 1220 St Mary's Rd


Nutella. Ice Cream. Sprinkles. Marshmallows. Oreos. Fudge. All wrapped up in a perfectly doughy crepe. Don't be ashamed if you eat more than one.

Oh Doughnuts / 326 Broadway


Once upon a time, an ordinary ice cream sandwich met a fabulous, fluffy doughnut and they fell in love—thus, creating the delightful doughnut ice cream sandwich. These babies are a summer treat, but for the rest of the year opt for a slightly less-sweet option of grabbing just a doughnut (gotta think about your health, right?)

Jenna Rae Cakes / 580 Academy Rd


Treats so beautiful you almost don't want to eat them—Ha! Until you gobble up 12 macarons, 3 nutella peanut butter brownie cookies, and 7 mini cheesecakes. But seriously, these are some Instagram-worthy sweets.

Roll Cake Bakery and Desserts / 1393 Pembina Hwy


I think there's ice cream under there. And an eggfle. If America was a dessert, it would be this. (Psst— they're about to open a second location on Corydon Ave.)

Baked Expectations / 161 Osborne St


All the cakes you could want in the world are in this cute little 60's diner-inspired spot in Osborne Village. The crowd favourite is the tia maria cake—Cookies. Whipped Cream. Alcohol. What more could you ask for in a cake?

Lilac Bakery / 920 Grosvenor Ave


A Winnipeg staple, Lilac Bakery makes classic, traditional desserts that are incredibly delicious (These are Not Your Grandma's Lemon Squares—no offense to your grandma.)

Chocolatier Constance Popp / 180 Provencher Blvd


It's been voted best ice cream in the city and Winnipeg's first bean to bar maker. And, you can get chocolate-shaped anything here—high heeled shoes, the CMHR building, Hudson the polar bear.

Pinky’s Bakeshop / 439 Stradbrook Ave


The macaron craze continues at Pinky's Bakeshop with macaron ice cream sandwiches (Not sure how I feel about eating a dessert that looks better than me.)

Cake-ology / 85 Arthur St

Why have a regular waffle cone when you can have a red velvet dipped cone? Cake-ology might be the smallest bakery in the city but they've got some big flavoured treats (including Donald Trump cupcakes for the American election #MakeDessertGreatAgain.)

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