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12 Secret Places To Take Your GF In Manitoba

You know the relationship struggle of asking your girlfriend what she wants and she doesn't know? Well try this instead... skip the asking, and just surprise her by taking her to somewhere she's never been before!

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You've probably seen the meme's of Ryan Gosling in The Notebook saying "WHAT DO YOU WANT!?" So just surprise your girlfriend with these 12 Secret Places To Take Your Girlfriend In Manitoba.

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Little Limestone Lake // Little Limestone Lake Provincial Park

Take her here if you can't afford to take her on Vacation to the Caribbean! It looks close enough in photos!

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Yurts // Wasagaming Campground, Assessippi, Bakers Narrow, Camp Morton, Clearwater Lake, Childs Lake, Nutimik Lake, Paint Lake, Spruce Woods, and Stephenfield

These Yurts are arguably one of the cutest places for any couple to stay! Take her here for a surprise weekend getaway!

via @jackman_r

Wekusko Falls // Wekusko Falls Provincial Park

Waterfalls are easily one of the most romantic places on the planet! Take her here if you want a make out sesh over the falls!

via @tommeyers

Pine Dock Hidden Caves // Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Nothing says Secret like hidden caves! Take her here if she loves those Alice In Wonderland style gardens.

via @randyapostol

Hunt Lake Hiking Trail // Pisew Falls Provincial Park

Take her on the hike of a life time! Visit one of the best spots ever to get a wicked Instagram photo.

via @lindsey.midwest

Prairie Dog Central Railway // RPO Polo Park, Winnipeg

Take her on the most adorable train ride ever! See the city from a whole new perspective.

via @mikecherney

Mural Photos // St. Boniface, Winnipeg

Take a walk in St.Boniface, hit up a cafe, go for a drink, and make sure you stop and take some photos of your beauty!

via @teosoncorydon

Teos // 691 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg

Get some privacy and take her to Teo's (secret) private patio! This Corydon's hidden gem!

via @skai.prisa7

Chocoberry Dessert House // 470 River Ave b, Winnipeg

If you want to cozy up, take her to get the cutest hot drinks in the city! They decorate the mugs with these adorable little faces.

via @animatedconfessions

Le Monkey Bar // 50 Provencher Boulevard, Kiosk #3, Winnipeg

Take the cutest walk ever across the bridge with a treat from the newly opened Le Monkey Bar! They serve frozen bananas, smoothies, etc.

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Vodka Tasting // 1680 Dublin Ave #3, Winnipeg

Skip the regular brewery tours and visit a vodka distillery for tasting! This is awesome for the girls that aren't into beer!

via @sweet_c_bakery

Sweet C Bakery // 1171 Kildare Ave E B, Winnipeg

Take her to pick out some sweets and get the cutest sushi ever! It's 100% made out of candy!

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