Right in the center of Canada, is Winnipeg. Although we're central, people tend to skip right over us. Winnipeg is a place where unless you're from around here, there are some things that might just confuse the fvck out of you. Have you ever had that conversation about your weekend plans just to get stopped when someone says "What's a Social?".

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Most people don't know much about Winnipeg except that it's cold here. #Winterpeg anyone? Although the cold can't be overlooked, we are so much more than that. Our small city vibe has it's own set of inside jokes and unique quarks. So if you've ever had to explain how you manage to live in -40, here are 12 things that will confuse the fvck out of anyone who's not from Winnipeg.

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1. How we can survive in -40°C

We don't know how we survive the winters either.

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2. But then we also get up to +30°C

Yes, it actually get's really fvcking hot here!

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3. Going to Socials are like a right of passage

"OMG you've never been to a social!?"

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4. Staying healthy and active by going to Garbage Hill

They planted some grass on a pile of garbage and now we call it a park.

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5. Skiing and snowboarding into the Floodway

In the prairies, Springhill makes it work!

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6. Hanging out under warming huts that don't actually "warm" you

Yeah, they don't have heat, but they do look cool as fvck!

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7. Getting BDI ice cream when it's absolutely freezing out!

We need to get BDI before it closes for the winter!

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8. Ordering fast food Spaghetti from Jollibee.

It's like the McDonald's of the Philippines.

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9. People in Transcona ALL knowing one another.

They REALLY do all know each other.

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10. The serious NEED for Stella's Bakery

Stella's brunch withdrawals are real.

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11. Going to Festival Du Voyageur in -30°C weather.

We just can't miss the maple syrup sticks.


12. The reason why we live here.

For starter's, it's WAY cheaper than Toronto or Vancouver.

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