Have you ever wished you could try all those delicious dishes made by the chefs on the Food Network? Well, you're in luck! Maybe not quite as lucky as the judges, but Winnipeg does have its place in the culinary world. You may not have heard, but Winnipeg's own Jeremy Senaris was the Runner-Up on Season 3 of Master Chef Canada.

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Move over Tasty! These chefs have spent way more than 45 seconds cooking up some of the best food in the city. Lucky for us, all that time they've spent cooking up a masterpiece, only takes us minutes to eat (depending on how hungry you are). So if you have a sweet tooth, love those fancy plates, or looking for new ways to add fresh ingredients, these chefs have you covered. Here are 12 Winnipeg chefs you need to follow on Instagram right now.

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Jenna Rae // @jennaraecakes

Chef at Jenna Rae Cakes

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Eraj Jayawickreme // @eraj

Chef at The Fairmont Winnipeg

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Noel Cunningham Jr. // @iamchefcunny

Chef at Cuisine By Noel

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Jeremy Senaris // @onfiyah

Chef from Master Chef Canada

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Ben Kramer // @chefbenkramer

Chef at Chef Ben Kramer Custom Catering

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Scott Bagshaw // @yourenoteca

Chef at Enoteca

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Mike Robins // @chefmikerobins

Chef at Sydneys At The Forks

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Norm Pastorin // @npastorin

Chef at The Cornerstone

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Kristel Blawat Pastorin // @kittyn26

Chef at The Grove

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Alfonso Maury // @chef_alf

Chef at Prairie 360 and Corrientes

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Eric Lee // @eric_lee_wpg

Chef Instructor at Red River College

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Cho Venevongsa // @chovenevongsa

Chef at Wasabi and Chosabi