13 Giant Roadside Attractions In Manitoba That Are So Weird You Have To Go See Them

Because what's fun in being normal?

With a giant chair, mushrooms, pipe, and a happy rock, it almost seems like Alice came to Manitoba and not just Wonderland. So if you're adventurous like Alice, take a trip around Manitoba and find all the weirdness we have to offer.

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Remember the 90's and the James And The Giant Peach movie? These giant attractions or statues are so Tim Burton-esque. Sadly, there is no giant peach but we do have a giant pumpkin! So dive into your own weird movie and check out these 13 giant roadside attractions in Manitoba.

Sunny The Banana // Melita, Manitoba

Largest Tobacco Pipe // St.Claude, Manitoba

Happy Rock // Gladstone, Manitoba

Jewel Of The Parkland // Roblin, Manitoba

Photo Cred: RMofArmstrong

Mushroom Monument // Meleb-Park-Cumming Schools Reunion Park, Manitoba

Big Chair // Highway #8

World's Largest Coke Can // Portage La Prairie

Bruce The Mosasaur // Morden, Manitoba

Tommy The Turtle // Boissevain, Manitoba

Sara The Camel // Glenboro, Manitoba

Beaver // Dauphin, Manitoba

World's Largest Pumpkin // Roland, Manitoba

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Photo Cred: Roadside Objects

Ogo-Pogo // Sainte Rose Du Lac, Manitoba

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