Sometimes it's nice to get away and see some new scenery! I love Manitoba but it can be great to explore something new. Flights can get expensive though, especially if you're broke, so a good old fashioned road trip is just what we need!

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All the places only take a day to get to or less so you're not stuck sleeping on the highway! Whether you want a short 3-hour drive or are willing to do the 14 hours to Banff, choose your fave from these 14 Places To Road Trip To Outside Of Manitoba.

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Regina, SK // Approx. 6 hours from Winnipeg

Regina is pretty similar to Winnipeg but with all their own restaurants, bars, etc. Narcity Regina has you covered to try all the best things!

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Moose Jaw, SK // Approx. 7 hours from Winnipeg

It's a small Saskatchewan town but actually, has some cool things to do! Try the Mineral Spa or the Tunnels Of Moose Jaw.

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Saskatoon, SK // Approx. 8 hours from Winnipeg

Such a cute small city! Check out these bucket list restaurants, patios, cafes, or this 24 hours in Saskatoon guide.

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Kenora, ON // Approx. 3 hours from Winnipeg

Such a cute boating town surrounded by Lake Of The Woods. Try taking a boat ride to the grocery store!

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Thunder Bay, ON // Approx. 8 hours from Winnipeg

Super beautiful it almost looks like the Rockies but way closer! Check out one of the 7 wonders of Canada, the Sleeping Giant.

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Edmonton, AB // Approx. 13 hours from Winnipeg

Yeah, Edmonton has The West Edmonton Mall, but there is so much more! Narcity Edmonton has the whole city covered so you don't miss a thing!

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Calgary, AB // Approx. 13 hours from Winnipeg

Super close to the mountains and obviously we can't forget the Calgary Stampede! Narcity Calgary is your guide for it all though!

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Banff, AB // Approx. 14 hours from Winnipeg

A long ass drive but so worth it! Banff has so much to do and is so beautiful. Go hiking in the mountains and swim in the ice blue water.

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Grand Forks, ND // Approx. 3 hours from Winnipeg

Every Manitoban's American shopping destination! Our dollar isn't as good as it used to be but it's the best way to get to those stores we don't have.

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Minneapolis, MN // Approx. 7 hours from Winnipeg

Take your American shopping to the next level if you have the time to do the drive! Minneapolis is home to The Mall Of America.

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Sioux Falls, SD // Approx. 7 hours from Winnipeg

Just as the name says, The Falls in Sioux Falls are a must see! Go to Falls Park to check out the beautiful waterfalls right inside the city.

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Rapid City, SD // Approx. 11 hours from Winnipeg

Enter the black hills and the badlands mountains! Don't miss the iconic Mount Rushmore.

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Kansas City, MO // Approx. 12 hours from Winnipeg

The biggest city in Missouri! It's known for its historic jazz, BBQs, craft breweries, and also check out the theme park!

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Chicago, IL // Approx. 13 hours from Winnipeg

It's actually the third biggest city in the US after New York and LA! They are known for their House music and you need to Instagram the iconic Bean!