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14 Unique Places To Take A Date To In Winnipeg If You Don’t Drink

"I bet you're way better to wake up to than a hangover."
14 Unique Places To Take A Date To In Winnipeg If You Don’t Drink

It’s hard to imagine such a thing exists,

The best dates I've been on in the city have strayed far from simply grabbing a beer.

Whether you're on a health kick


Thermea // 775 Crescent Dr


What better way to get comfortable with someone than by hanging out in your bathrobes all day?

Sky Zone Trampoline Park // 400 Fort Whyte Way #200


Trampolines are always fun, no matter how old you are.

Adrenaline Adventures // 600 Caron Rd


Focus those jittery first-date nerves on something else at this outdoor adventure park.

Assiniboine Park // 55 Pavilion Crescen


There’s a reason it’s been coined Winnipeg’s urban playground.

The Forks Market // Forks Market Rd


With so many food kiosks (and new ones opening like Nuburger, Fusion Grill, and Simons) you won't have to worry about disagreeing on a restaurant choice. Plus, the dining hall was recently renovated and looks very Hogwarts-esque. After dinner, there’s always an event or concert happening somewhere on site (and everyone knows The Forks is the best spot in the city to catch Pokemon).

Winnipeg Folk Fest // Birds Hill Provincial Park


Even if you just go for the day, getting out of the city and into the relaxing atmosphere of folk fest feels wonderful.

Pineridge Hollow // 67086 Heatherdale Rd 25E


Nowhere else will you find goats, chickens, a Sunday brunch, a weekly farmer’s market, and the cutest little gift shop all in one place.

Bridge Drive-In // 766 Jubilee Ave


If you’re thinking of doing the ever-adorable ice cream date,

The Real Escape // 3137 Portage Ave


It’s the highest rated escape room in the city with more than five different rooms to choose from.

Across the Board Game Cafe // 93 Albert St


Choose from hundreds of board games

Toad Hall Toys // 54 Arthur St


Go around Christmastime and the charming, old-fashioned toy store feels like actual magic

FortWhyte Alive // 1961 McCreary Rd


Not every city has a nature oasis in the middle of it.

Winnipeg Art Gallery // 300 Memorial Blvd


Winnipeg has a huge art scene

Celebrations Dinner Theatre // 1824 Pembina Hwy

If your date loves the theatre, make sure to check out Celebrations Dinner Theatre. With musical performances spoofing TV and movies like Modern Family, School of Rock, and Friends, what could go wrong? Oh yeah—they might call one of you up on stage to embarrass you, which they do regularly.

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