15 Things Only People From Brandon Will Understand

If you're like me and from the good ol' town of Brandon, you know Winnipeg tends to get all the attention. Countless trips to Winnipeg for concerts, shopping, the airport, the list goes on, but Brandon has grown a lot in the past years, so let's give it some love!

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Being the second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon deserves a little more attention. So whether you were born there, went to school there, worked there, or still live there, here are 15 Things Only People From Brandon Will Understand.

1. Referring to Brandon as B-Town.

Don't judge ... Pegcity anyone?

2. How you can get across the entire city in 5 minutes.

It's a small city but still a city none the less.

3. Why everyone has a Wheat Kings flag.


4. Going to Roadhouse on Friday or Houstons on Saturday.

There's sort of a limited selection.

5. The everlasting love for Country music.

Dauphin Countryfest!

6. Referring to the North Hill as "The Hill", but everyone knows what you mean.

It's actually just the other side of the valley and not even a hill.

7. Downtown traffic being held up by pulling hay bales.

You know you're in Brandon when...

8. The Rivalry between Crocus Plains and Vincent Massey.

But nobody cares about Neelin.

9. The Dinsdale park flooding every year.

It's literally under water until June.

10. The fear of not being able to make it over the 8th street bridge when it gets icy.

Winter tires FTW!

11. What it was like back in the day before all the new stuff was built.

How did we even survive without the Coral Centre, Winners, Wal-Mart, I could go on.

12. The MANY hours spent driving to Winnipeg and back.

If I had a dollar for every time I had to drive to Winnipeg...

13. Skipping school but having someone you know always see you walking down 18th St.

Wave to your parents and teachers!

14. Getting Kuiper's Family Bakery bread from everywhere, even the gas station.

I'll pass on the Wonder bread.

15. Saying "it's on the other side of town" way too much.

So close yet so far.

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