It's that time of year again, the most wonderful time of year! It's patio season! When we leave work early just to grab a spot on Corydon before it fills up. On a nice day though, taking the entire day off is pretty much required to get a table.

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The struggle for a spot on the patio is so real! Our nice Winnipeg days are numbered so we need to make the most of it. So take your personal (patio) day and check out these 15 Winnipeg Patios You Need To Add To Your Summer Bucket List.

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Stella's Au CCFM // 340 Provencher Boul.

The patio at this Stella's is just the cutest! Perfect for their French location, it totally has the cute French cafe vibes. A perfect date spot!

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Saffron's // 681 Corydon Ave.

Classic Saffron's is one of the biggest patios on Corydon, so it's your best bet at finding a spot on the patio on those hot busy summer days.

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Tavern United MTS Centre // 345 Graham Ave.

Probably the most popular rooftop patios in all the city. It's also the biggest rooftop patio in the city as well, so it's perfect if you those downtown views.

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Market Burger // 645 Corydon Ave.

Another one of the cutest and coziest patios in the city, but it's also another rooftop patio as well. One of the only rooftop patios on Corydon.

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Cibo Waterfront Cafe // 339 Waterfront Dr.

If The Forks is too busy for you, head down the river a little more to Cibo. You can still get those waterfront views but without being swamped by people.

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Muddy Waters // 15 Forks Market Rd.

Just below the actual Muddy Waters Restaurant towards the river is their patio drink shack. Sit by the water, grab a drink, and listen to reggae. It's the closest to a Caribbean vacay you can get here.

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La Roca // 155 Smith St.

One of downtowns best new patios, La Roca will totally make you feel as close to Mexico and Latin America as you can get here.

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Stella's // 1463 Pembina Hwy.

Stella's knows what's up and built their newest location with a brand new rooftop patio. Thank you, Stella's!

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Pony Corral // 1700 Pembina Hwy.

Also known as Pier 7, this Pony Corral location sits right on the water giving you some awesome views. They regularly have bands playing outside as well.

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Baja Beach Club // 1 Forks Market Rd.

Part of Beach Combers, the Baja Beach Club patio is the one closer to the water giving you the best water front views.

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Teo's // 691 Corydon Ave.

Teo's, which is also part of Mano A Mano, is one of the only places in the city that has big front doors that fully open up. It's like the bars in Mexico, Miami, and other warm places.

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Bar Italia // 737 Corydon Ave.

Classic Bar Italia has been around forever so everyone knows their patio. They have cool art painted along the side wall and DJs every weekend.

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Smith // 75 Forks Market Rd.

If you want a little bit more of a fancier patio at The Forks, Smith has you covered. They also have live music sometimes.

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Corrientes // 137 Bannatyne Ave .

In the summer they build out their patio to extend over the side walk to maximize the patio space. The bigger the better!

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Clay Oven // Shaw Park - 1 Portage Avenue East (3rd Floor)

Clay Oven is one of the most unique patios in the city because it sits over the Goldeyes Stadium. Enjoy your time on the patio while you watch a game!