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17 Amazing Foods Only Manitoba Does Right

No one has nothing on that honey dill.
17 Amazing Foods Only Manitoba Does Right

Manitoba made food is the best! All the different cultures here have brought their amazing foods with them and I can't thank them enough. Our new culinary kids on the block are also making some rad new takes on classic foods.

Whether you like the new or the old, there is no doubt that us Manitobans make our foods fantastic! So enjoy these 17 Amazing Foods Only Manitoba Does Right.

Wine Ice Cream 

Some genius at Cornell Cream decided to mix our Manitoba dairy with our favourite drink, wine! Yummm!

Folkfest Cookies 

The Tall Grass Prairie knows what we like here in Manitoba, mixing our favourite festival with their delicious cookies!

Honey Dill 

It's literally on every list but I seriously could never get enough! Grab some from the grocery store or your favourite local restaurant.

Vegan Burgers 

Boon Burger is Canada's first all vegan burger cafe! There are so many other great veggie burgers from our local restaurants too.

Pink Lemonade Beer

Farmery has Manitoba covered with amazing flavours like Pink Lemonade and their Prairie Berry Ale.


We all know Manitobans do Bannock right! Get bannock pizza at amazing places like Feast.


A Manitoba classic, Pic-A-Pop is everyone's favourite retro soda.


The addicting Filipino food, grab some at Pimp My Rice or from your favourite local place.

Old Dutch Chips 

Having Old Dutch Chips made right here in Winnipeg makes them just that much more awesome!


Whether you get your perogies from your grandma, favourite store or restaurant, no one can deny we do them best!


Manitoba has been the Slurpee Capital of Canada for 7 years in a row, NBD.

Vinarterta Icelandic 

This unique multi layer cake from Iceland is so good! Grab some from your local farmers market, the Icelandic Festival, or Tall Grass Prairie Bakery.

Rye Bread

Rye bread is definitely OUR bread in Manitoba. Whether you like Kub Bread, City Bread or your favourite bakery, you can't miss it at the socials.

Mordens' Chocolates 

A Manitoba made classic. Mordens' Of Winnipeg have all sorts of delicious hand crafted chocolate.

Stella's Salad Dressing 

Stella's will always be a Manitoba staple. Breakfast, jam, but those salads though.


Manitoba knows Bison. Especially when it comes to Bison burgers. We have so many great ones at places like Feast and Promenade.

Farmers Sausage

Our Manitoba farmers have our meat on point making the best farmers sausage! Get it from your fave farmer or Winker's Meats.

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