We all need a little foodgasm from time to time, I mean it's all part of human nature right? We also have an innate desire to search for food, remember hunters and gatherers? Well, the hunt is over! Now you can just do the gathering. So if you're going through a break-up, stressed from school, or just bored at work, food might just be your next best thing.

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Get those fat pants out, or at least your lulu's, or even jegging's, and make good use of that spandex. It is somebody's cheat day somewhere! Who needs to be fit anyways when we have 18 Bucket List Junk Foods In Winnipeg That Are Better Than Sex.

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Sweet Japanese Crepes // Kawaii Crepe

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Deep Fried Cookie Dough // Festival Du Voyageur

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Grilled Cheese Bun Burger // The Epic Wedge

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Baked Ice Cream Sandwich // Baked Expectations

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Bake & Shark // Island Fusion

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Onion Ring Tower // 529 Wellington

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Deep Fried Oreos // Red River Ex

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Jenna Rae Cake // Jenna Rae Cakes

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Fried Chicken Poutine // Banh Mi King

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Cronut Grilled Cheese // Oh Doughnuts

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Cookie Cake // Baked Expectations

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Sushi Pizza // Wasabi

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Banana Tempura // Yujiro

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Mini Egg Gelati // Enzo's Gelati

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October Rain Roll // Naru Sushi

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Osaka Fries // Sushi Gozen

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Cookie Bar // Pinky's Bake Shop

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Creamy Garlic Chicken Wings // Little Bones Wings