If you went to Red River College at the Exchange District Campus, then I’m sure you’ve heard those from Notre Dame tell you how lucky you are. It’s new, it’s central and located in the historic but trendy Exchange District. The area has festivals, events, restaurants, food trucks, bars, art, shopping and the classrooms could almost resemble cool lofts.

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It’s a small school, so there’s no big gym and things of that sort, but who needs that when you have The Kings Head right around the corner? Whether you stayed in the Cafeteria or enjoyed a stroll to Old Market Square, here are 18 things that my fellow alumni, staff, and students will only understand.

1. Consuming WAY too much Tim Horton’s in the Dining Hall

When Tim Horton's closes unexpectedly and everyone goes awry!

2. Walking through the snow down Princess St. just to get lunch that ISN’T Tim Horton’s

We need more waterproof shoes.

3. The King’s Head, The King’s Head, The King’s Head

Want to go to The King Head?

4. Soooo many business students at The Roblin Centre

When you don't know what to go in, you take Business as a fall back.

5. Those amazing Atrium VIEWS

Just don't get blinded by the sun.

6. Running out of class to plug your meter and move your car every 2 hours

This is an acceptable form of leaving class.

7. Knowing EXACTLY why William, Bannatyne, and McDermot are the top ticketed streets in Winnipeg

Parking tickets, on parking tickets, on parking tickets.

8. The tow trucks that wait outside every day for the clock to hit 3:30 P.M. and tow your ass

Then you have to go down Higgins to pick up your car ...

9. The struggle to leave the Exchange District during rush hour

If only you could walk to the campus.

10. People who talk to you about the Notre Dame campus but it’s far so you’ve never even been there

It's about as far down Notre Dame as you can get.

11. Missing all the block parties, sports, and events because they are all at the Notre Dame campus

We have sports teams?

12. Trying to work in the Learning Commons on a sunny day but all those beautiful windows make it hot as fvck

Then you realize you could be at the beach.

13. Having a different schedule than all of your friends at the U of W and U of M

"No I can't, I have classes ..."

14. Getting used to the Creative Arts students walking around with cameras all the time filming you

When you try to film outside of the school and people give you weird looks.

15. The search for a breakout room

When you think a room is empty but open the door to only find that it's not ?.

16. The interesting people you meet around Old Market Square

Shout out to the scooter guy?

17. The red “24”-like looking clocks, counting down the time you have left to make it to class

If Jack Bauer can make it, I can too!

18. Waiting for the elevator in the Atrium even though you know the stairs would have been way faster

We comfort ourselves by knowing that the stairs are so hidden anyways and we would waste precious time trying to find them.