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These 2 Insanely Beautiful Limestone Cliffs Are Only A Few Hours Away From Winnipeg

Water so blue you'll swear you're in the Caribbean.

In Manitoba, we're spoiled with a little bit of everything—gorgeous lakes, open fields, deep caves, and winding rivers. And above it all— a big, blue prairie sky.

Exploring our province is always an adventure, but it can be hard to get much farther than an hour or two outside of the city without turning back, especially with so many stunning sights so close to Winnipeg.

But if you keep on driving up HWY 6, just two and a half hours north, you'll discover Manitoba's best kept secret—Steep Rock.


Steep Rock parkland is on the shore of Lake Manitoba, and it has some of the bluest water in the province due to the surrounding limestone cliffs and caves.

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It's a serenely beautiful place to hike, camp, and take insanely stunning photographs.

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If you're feeling adventurous, you can rent kayaks and canoes (plus grab a scoop of ice cream) from Peter, the sweetest man who runs the kayak shack.


Bonus: If you want to discover even more turquoise waters, keep driving another three hours north to Little Limestone Lake.


This is a separate area on the northwest tip of Lake Winnipeg, and it's the biggest colour-changing marl lake in the world (marl is created when calcite from limestone is provoked by warm water. Rising temperature = increased quality of marl. #Science.)

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I think you should probably just go ahead and add these two incredibly blue, Caribbean-esque lakes to your summer 2017 bucket list right now.

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