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21 Bucket List Sushi Restaurants You Have To Try In Winnipeg

Calling all sushi lovers!
21 Bucket List Sushi Restaurants You Have To Try In Winnipeg

If you love sushi, you need to have a sushi cake for your birthday once in your life! You're no true sushi connoisseur until you've had one. It's the ultimate sushi lovers dream! You need to cross that one off the list!

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We all have our favourite sushi spots in the city. You know, the one where you order WAY to many rolls and seem to forget how much your stomach can really only take. I feel your pain, because it tastes so good! So my fellow sushi lovers, enjoy these 21 Bucket List Sushi Shops You Have To Try In Winnipeg.

via @chosabican

Chosabi // 100 King St.

The first location that made the ever popular sushi burrito! It's cool interior decor is perfect for being in the heart of the Exchange.

via @chosabican

Chosabi // 2696 Pembina Hwy & 520 Portage Ave

Their known for their sushi burritos, but the Pembina and Portage locations also now have build your own burrito which you have to check out!

via @haderaeden

Kenko // 788 Corydon Ave.

One of the most popular sushi spots on Corydon, they have some really cool rolls like the Sexy And The City Roll!

via @wasabiwpg

Wasabi Sabi // 3-1360 Taylor Ave.

My personal favourite! It's on the more expensive side but they have an all glass kitchen in the middle and the food is amazing!

via @wasabiwpg

Wasabi On Broadway // 588 Broadway Ave.

This is the other Wasabi location which is more popular for the lunch time crowd from work. They have a little but of a different menu but it's all delicious!

Blufish // 179 Bannatyne Ave.

Everyone's favourite and go-to sushi spot in the Exchange District! Also popular for lunch from the downtown work crowd.

via @i3rian27

Naru // 159 Osborne St.

There are a fair amount of sushi places around Osborne, so if you haven't been yet, Naru is definitely one of the faves!

via @vanxwpg

Wakoya // 167 Osborne St.

Another one of those Osborne favourites, but I mean c'mon, look at this roll, it's insane so you can tell why!

via @sushiedoichi

Sushi Edoichi // 1799 Portage Ave.

Are you a big sashimi fan!? If so, Sushi Edoichi has you covered. You can get great sashimi for a great price.

via @yujirowinnipeg

Yujiro // 1822 Grant Ave.

Really great sushi that's a local favourite! They also have amazing ramen if you're also in the mood for some soup!

via @riagiroux

Wako Sushi // 875 Corydon Ave.

Although Corydon is the Italian area of the city, it gets major props for also having amazing sushi! What can I say, Italians love their sushi!

via @neondannie

Sushi Cushi // 1045 St James St.

So yeah, when your sushi is served on a plated flame, it gets to be on this list! How insane does that look!?

via @sushishoplove

Sushi Shop // Outlet Collection Winnipeg

If you're on a shopping spree at the new outlet mall you can still get you're amazing sushi fix! They have cool items like sushi tacos!

via @fat.n.foudiee

Sushi Hon // 120-1570 Kenaston Blvd.

If you some great budget friendly sushi this is the spot! It's one those perfect places to order as many rolls as you can fit on the table and dig in.

via @waki_temaki

Waki Temaki // Various locations 

Winnipeg's first sushi food truck! Thank you for making my dreams come true! It's for sure a bucket list must try.

via @foodiephotolog

Sushi Gen // 500 Portage Ave. 

If you're hungry AF then this is for you! They are an AYCE! (all you can eat) So go for this one if you're feeling hangry.

via @kimchisushi204

Kimchi Sushi // 14-998 Keewatin St.

Another local favourite that also serves Korean food as well! We all wish we we're taking that massive tray home with us right about now!

via @pegfood

Ingko Sushi // 2565 Portage Ave.

If you need some sushi energy, try the Red Bull Roll! (it's the one in the middle) Maybe instead of wings you'll get fins!🐟

via @edokkowpg

Izakaya Edokko // 190 Smith St.

One of the more newer sushi joints in the city, they have some really interesting dishes on special.

via @outnabouttravel

Fusian Experience // 612 Academy Rd.

This is the place with the sushi cake! Whoever thought of this is a genius! Go shawty, it's your birthday!

via @ichibanwinnipeg

Ichiban // 189 Carlton St.

So it's actually a Japanese Steakhouse but they also serve sushi. I had to put it on here because the restaurant is just so cool with the fire!

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