If you’re like me, and your cookie jar full o’ cash isn’t so…full,

But no vacay doesn’t have to mean no fun!

I’ve rounded up a few activities for you to play tourist in your own city


Relax at Thermea // 775 Crescent Dr


This is the next best thing to actually jumping on a plane and heading to Scandinavia. And I promise you'll forget you're in Winnipeg—especially after a few glasses of wine.

Get fit at WPG Cycle // 734 Osborne St


This cycle studio is straight-outta-LA and you'll feel like a celeb when you finish a grueling 50-min workout (as your coworkers are stuffing their faces at an all-inclusive in Mexico).

Sweat it out at a hot yoga class // 2 Donald St

If you can't quite afford that amazingly serene yoga retreat off the coast of Indonesia, grab your mat and head to a Moksha class instead. When your eyes are closed and you're sweating in vinyasa, who can tell the difference anyway?

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Get away to Elkhorn Resort // 3 Mooswa Dr E


It's only a few hours away but it feels like a mini-vacation. Check out the spa for ultra-relaxation.

Explore the warming huts along the Red River Mutual Trail


The warming huts bring people from all over the world to Winnipeg—this year, one of the designers is Anish Kapoor (the sculptor who designed Cloud Gate in Chicago). Add a little culture to your evening skate!

Check out the Cirque Musica Holiday Spectacular // MTS Centre


This show is Vegas-worthy (without the hangover and the dry heat). It happens Nov. 30.

Drive through the Canad Inns Winter Wonderland // Red River Exhibition Park


The largest light show in the city will definitely wow you. Make sure to grab mini donuts and popcorn at the concession (no beach vacay means no beach diet anyway).

Experience the thrill of Adrenaline Adventures // 600 Caron Rd


Snow tubing is the most fun you'll ever have with the 6 months of snow we suffer through living in Winnipeg.

Go on a sleigh ride // 59 North Dr


Can't get much more festive than a sleigh ride under glowing lights (until a group of kids pushes you off or something). But even the scenic ride out to Bir's Hill Park will feel like a mini-vacay.

Get bundled up for Festival Du Voyageur


It's the biggest winter festival in our city, but you'll feel like you've transported back to Canada's fur trade past and it's the best way to soak up our city's French heritage (and poutine. Lots of poutine).

Visit the planetarium // 190 Rupert Ave


Because the easiest way to escape is to head off to another planet.

Visit the polar bear exhibit at the Assiniboine Zoo // 2595 Roblin Blvd


If you can't quite make it to Churchill, head to the zoo to watch the polar bears swim around you.

Rent a room at the ALT Hotel // 310 Donald St


Try a staycation at the coolest hotel in the city. You'll feel like you're in NYC (and not downtown Wpg).

Go to an exotic restaurant like Massawa // 121 Osborne St


This Ethiopian food place will taste like you're miles away from the cold, brutal winter.

Get bronzed at a tanning salon // Various locations


Keep it safe and opt for a spray tan, but either way you'll feel (and look) like you're on a vacay.

Play glow in the dark mini putt // 423 McPhillips St


This prehistoric-themed golf course is just cheesy enough to make you feel like you're visiting a small town attraction somewhere far away (and it's actually pretty challenging).

Try your luck at an Epic Escape room // 112 Market Ave


Take the concept of an 'escape' quite literally, but be careful—these escape games get really addicting until you realize you've been spending all your time locked in rooms across the city.

Get in shape at Vertical Adventures // 77 Paramount Rd


Rock climbing always feels like a vacation—whether you're on a cruise ship sailing the pacific, or just in a strip mall in Winnipeg.

Check out Vernon Ah Kee: cantchant at the WAG // 300 Memorial Blvd


An Australian artist uses surfboards, videos, and stunning portraits to explore the disputed territory around Australia’s beaches as it relates to ownership, conflict, and land claims.The exhibit is on from Nov. 19 to April 23.

Do the Nonsuch Hold Tour at the Manitoba Museum // 190 Rupert Ave

Transport yourself back to a Christmas-y England in 1668. Hear old Christmas tales, listen to live holiday music, and climb into the cargo area of the infamous Nonsuch ship (open for a limited time). Daily tours run from Dec - Jan!